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    The Treasurer has brought to our attention that TE/AE has made money again in 2007. This takes into account the indulgencies of our Ed that is required to execute our outstanding publication and the purchase of our own projector. With that said the Treasure has recommended spending some of our excess loot and every one of you deserve praise for having money to spend to better our club. Remember the bleeding we have stopped?

    Please see below;

    Hi all,
    I’ve been looking over the books and it appears to me that the club should spend $5,000 (or more)before the years end to avoid problems with our standing as a not for profit organization.

    The net income to date is $6,970.56. Of that figure, $5,682.82 is United XXVII profit. Steve has one small check to deposit and a couple of expenses to be paid–leaving a final United profit of approximately $5,500.

    There has been some discussion at the board meetings of things to be bought and/or replaced. Now is the time to do it!

    To get started, here are some items I remember being mentioned:

    Name tags/badges (should buy for entire membership)
    TE/AE archives preservation
    Replacement Banners
    Cases for Keith Porter awards
    David Kellogg’s flyer

    I am sure there are other items you would like to see accomplished. If you can’t decide, I could possibly be talked into Christmas in Paris!


    I strongly suggest that we collectively take a look at what we need. Determine what will benefit our club. Do our homework and only purchase good quality durables. We must then act and buy what we need. Some of you are already working on things like banners and such. Put them forth here and let’s spend some cash on important things for TE/AE that will add value to our outstanding organization.

    One last note. I am not sure I want to spend at least 5K, but lets get started and see how it starts to shake out.

    Best Regards,

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