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    Nothing has been mentioned regarding what is being done to recognize this as the 25th United.

    I sent a slide presentation, with audio, of Uniteds I through V made by Millie Mathis for Eric’s first United in Charleston. It was the United where the “Masked’ Wally showed up. It is a rather slick presentation. Not just your regular slide show. It has a story. I think the presentation time is about 20min. Chuck is bringing a projector, with a spare bulb I hope. I suggested to John III that it be shown at the banquet.

    I probably have (had) the most comprehensive collection of newsletters, including newsletters issued while TEAE was formed. I gave it them to our self bestowed default historian, Andrea Hellings several years ago. Andrea was going to compile and catalog a variety of historically significant facts, tech tips, events, etc. I believe she has made some progress but I do not know how much. She has not registered and I do not believe we can depend on anything from this source.

    I do have the archives up in the loft. I rummaged through them some time ago just to see what the archives consisted of. There is some really good organization and correspondence, then again there is a chaos of newsletter masters, communiqués, photos, etc. It would be difficult and beyond my time to cull anything meaningful from this source other that to pick and poke and see if I can find some fun stuff. Maybe you guys have an idea for something to look for or do.

    I do plan on bringing my complete collection of dash plaques for display.

    Other Ideas??????

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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