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    Officers and BOD,

    I want to put forward the Presidents recommendations for granting access to the “Official Business section” of the Forum to a vote. I feel only the BOD, Officers, Regional Representatives, Membership Chairperson and Rootes Review Editor should have complete access to our delicate deliberations. The Chairpersons (With the exception of the Membership Chairperson), should have their own private category (see United XXVI) that we will monitor, but should not be granted full access to our ‘Official Business Section.”

    Below is a list of positions and people that I feel should have access.

    The BOD
    Tiger Tom
    Jim Morrison
    Ranney Dohogne
    John Logan Sr
    Robert Jaarsma
    Eric Gibeaut
    Tom Calvert

    President – Anthony DiBattista
    Vice President – Chuck King
    Second Vice President – Jim D’Amelio
    Treasurer – Vonda Moon
    Secretary – Susan DiBattista

    Regional Representatives
    New England – Stu Brennan
    Midwest – Dave Johnson
    Florida / Georgia – Steve Halbrook
    The Virginias – Dan Fitzgerald
    Central Pennsylvania – TT (BOD)
    The Carolinas – Eric Gibeaut (BOD)
    Ohio – Doug Jennings
    Chesapeake – Tom Calvert (BOD)
    Deep South – Bill Evans
    New Jersey – TBD

    Rootes Review Editor
    Fred Baum

    Membership Chairperson
    Jim Morrison

    Anyone requesting access must contact the President for approval.

    The President will execute written notification of gaining or loosing access.

    I have set a 14 day time limit for voting.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Anthony J. DiBattista
    President TE/AE

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