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    Officers and Board of Directors,

    Below I have posted my Autocross Rules & SUNI participation letter. I plan on sending this letter with attached Autocross Rules to the other Sunbeam Club Presidents. Please review and comment. Post any issues that you feel should be added or removed. I will review your comments and then proceed. Please respond on or before 4-9-05.


    Presidents Name Here
    Club and title

    Dear Mr. President,

    I am writing to you today for two reasons. First, TE/AE has revised and updated its Autocross rules. I have attached a copy of the new rules for your comment and would appreciate if you would read them over and give TE/AE feedback. We would also appreciate it if you could then forward the Autocross rules to the appropriate people in your organization for their thoughts as well. Once I have everyone’s comments compiled I would be very happy to share the results with you from all the clubs that participated. I think this would be the first step in moving toward a unified Autocross format for combined events.

    The next order of business that I would like to discuss is a SUNI location and participation plan. We at TE/AE appreciate the amount of hard work that Max Pahmeier has done for the marque in keeping the SUNI tradition alive. Sue and I were at SUNI IV and it was one of the best vacations ever.

    TE/AE looks forward to working with Max on SUNI V. This SUNI will be held on the 50th anniversary of the Alpine. TE/AE would like to see a plan put into effect that moves this international event closer too different clubs on a rotating bases every five years. This is what TE/AE does with its premier event the United. I propose three SUNI locations. East of the Mississippi River, West of the Rocky Mountains, and near the center of these two natural boundaries, that would serve as boundaries no more.

    TE/AE would also like to see an Action Board put into place for each club that would like to participate. Each club could assign a representative to help plan and execute certain events for this combined Sunbeam event. Below is a criteria that Max presented as an outline for SUNI V. This is the abbreviated version which been used for the last three SUNI’s.

     A resort location, not just another Holiday Inn
     Banquet facilities to accommodate at least 400 people
     A resort that will provide reasonable rate for our attendees (off season?)
     Parking, lots and lots of it for Sunbeams, tow vehicles, and trailers
     Autocross site, figure eight track or large parking lot
     Nice location for Concours
     Airport access
     A diverse range of rooms, condo to economical
     Community with ambiance
     The preferred site would have all the above amenities on their property

    I agree with Max on all of these qualifications. This is what it takes to put on such stellar event.

    Some members of TE/AE have suggested Gatlinburg Tennessee or Indianapolis Indiana as a location for a SUNI V. What is your opinion on this location? Sue and I traveled 2200 miles one way to SUNI IV. We would drive it again in a heartbeat. It would be nice though, if we only had to drive that far only once every Fifteen years.

    Mr. President, I would like your clubs comments on our Autocross rules and this fifteen-year plan. This would insure that more members from all clubs would have the opptunity to attend SUNI as it travels to different regions. We at TE/AE are not sure if it is too late to implement such a plan before SUNI V. Either way TE/AE will be there for this combined event. As you can see from the minutes of our March 19th Board meeting, SUNI V has been placed in TE/AE’s five-year plan. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Would a target date of July 4th for your comments be acceptable?

    Warmest Regards and happy SUNBEAMing,

    Anthony J. DiBattista
    President TE/AE

    Respectively Submitted,

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