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    Kerch McConlogue

    Officers & BOD: Below are the minutes from our meeting at the United on 7/8/06.

    If I have failed to capture something you feel is important or you have corrections to the minutes, please let me know.

    Board of Directors Meeting – Saturday, July 8th, 2006

    In attendance: Anthony DiBattista, Chuck King, Susan DiBattista, Tiger Tom Ehrhart, Robert Jaarsma, Jim Morrison, Ranney Dohogne, Tom Calvert, Judy Sharkey, Steve Towle, Carl Moon

    Meeting called to order at: 1:50PM

    Roll call taken and quorum is present.

    Read the previous minutes


    Trademark Issues: Frank Mooney present, our legal council. Person filed a trademark for our name. Club had 30 days to oppose it. Opposition was filed on July 21st on behalf of TE/AE. Also Sunbeam Specialists, STOA, CAT at the cost of $600.00. Michael Ewes is due to respond to our opposition as to why our opposition isn’t valid. Clothing, automotive (2 categories). Would get exclusivity on the name. Our club has used the name for 30-40 years. Sunbeam Alpine trademark name was denied. “Sunbeam” was issued to him in automotive & clothing. Once he responses to opposition, we can contact him directly. Each club has filed an opposition separately. Rob Guerra will send letter to key Sunbeam businesses asking for each to reimburse the four clubs for a total of 70% reimbursement to the clubs. President didn’t realize that all clubs weren’t splitting the cost. President will look closer at future out of pocket costs from club.
    Declining Club Assets: F. Baum working on reducing costs of newsletter. Won’t know budget of united until later. Dues increase ($3- 5 increase) is inevitable. Won’t vote on increase until after new printer is found. E. Gibeaut asked about email softcopy of newsletter vs. hardcopy. Suggested giving an option to members to choose email instead. F. Baum said it wouldn’t be much of a savings to the club. Most cost is in setup not postage. R. Jaarsma suggests bi-monthly as a cost savings. 40% of club members have email addresses. J. Morrison suggested sending a link containing the monthly newsletter to members. Members who chose this method might receive a slight dues decrease. J. Morrison suggests polling members of their interest. TT suggests putting it in place w/o a vote.
    Motion to J. Morrison to coordinate w/webmaster to publish newsletter link.

    New Regional Representatives: Steve Halbrook is present at United. President will introduce Steve at GMM. President will call for vote on Dan Fitzgerald as new rep for VA. Vote accepted.
    R. Dohogne suggests looking at regions for reps vs. membership. Possibly redefining the regions. Bill Evans suggested as a new rep. President will contact B. Evans for his interest in position. Still looking to fill a few vacancies.

    United XXVI: John Engle suggested for next United host. TT suggests going thru roster and call members for next United. Announcement will be made at GMM for United host for 2006.

    United XXV: BOD are disappointed with facilities of United. President went over the estimated budget (based on 100 registrants) and updated with actual thru 8/19/05.
    $252.00 in regalia sales so far as reported by E. Gibeaut.
    Election of BOD Mtg: Jim Morrison & John Logan. J. Morrison will not run again next year. J. Morrison to ask Carl Moon to run for BOD.
    TT seconds vote.
    Dan Cameron, Jim D’Amelio, Bob Harper, Steve Hansen. Rick McCurdy, Carl Moon, Bob Sharkey, Steve Silverstein as suggested names. John Sybrandt suggested by J. Morrison.
    Nominations are announced at GMM and newsletter. GM can nominate at GMM.
    J. Morrison will talk to R. McCurdy, John Sybrandt & J. Logan to talk to Bob Harper.

    Officers: President accepts nomination for another yr. Vice President accepts nomination also. J. Morrison as back up for Treasurer. BOD to ask V. Moon if she’s running again. Suggestions for new Treasurer. Motion called for: Officers are suggested. TT to contact V. Moon.
    TT & R. Jaarsma second the motion.

    Action Item: J. Morrison to send letter to list of people who joined CAT but not TE/AE for their interest in our club.
    Action Item: discussion on providing PDF files directly to printer to save on costs to move to forum for continued discussion.
    Action Item: R. Dohogne to compare CAT’s roster vs. TE/AE roster.

    Minutes approved and agreed upon as read.


    Treasurer: Report from 1/1/06 to 7/8/06

    Beginning Balance: 9179.89
    Credits: $13451.13
    Debits: $13069.98
    Closing Balance: $9561.76

    Regalia: Eric Gibeaut not present.

    Publicity: No chairperson

    Newsletter: F. Baum not present.

    Membership: J. Morrison reports: 577 total members, 30 new members this year (23 tigers, 6 alpines). Mailing to CAT members: very disappointing, only 5 new members out of 73 letters sent to people that were members of another club living on the east coast.
    Mailing sent to members not renewed: 15 members rejoined.
    63 members signed on for electronic Rootes Review.
    Total of 391 email addresses out of 577 members.
    J. Morrison sends out an email to members expiring in the current month & following month.
    Post card to expired members in prior month and 2 months past.
    Members visited this year: 748 visitors to website. 1637 page loads on website.
    Approx. 50 members a month up for renewal.
    Approx. 15.00 a month to send all members a postcard.
    47 members have not renewed this year. 27 Tigers owned, 24 Alpines owned
    Suggestion: email to expiring in 2 months includes copy of renewal form, postcard to expiring 1 month, email to 30 days tardy, current month including copy of renewal form, postcard to expiring 60 days tardy.
    Email to non-renewing members asking why they didn’t renew.
    Of 577 current members, 284 are 2-year paying members.

    Website: J. D’Amalio not present.

    New Business (Agenda):
    1) New Jersey Regional Representative:
    Bill Mounce (Easton, PA) has asked to be appointed NJ Rep. Familiar with By-laws. President met w/him at the BASH. TT suggests he provide a phone # for the roster. He would hold events in NJ not PA. Member since 2000. President motions for Bill Mounce to be considered as NJ Rep. R. Dohogne firsts, Tom seconds the motion. Call for vote: All in favor of Bill Mounce voted in as NJ Rep. President will contact Bill by phone. TT will volunteer as Bill’s mentor.

    2) Paid Advertising/Publicity Person
    Position extremely important. TT suggested names on forum as potential contacts. Get names from forum. President suggests Curt Hoffman as publicity person and suggests approaching him at the United. TT agrees with President. J. Morrison read description of Publicity Chairperson from By-laws. VP suggests John Sybrandt. VP suggests coming up with 3-4 names. R. Jaarsma suggests Paul Almjeld. C. Moon stated that paid advertising really helps our newsletter costs. VP suggests disclaimer in the newsletter stating club does not support the paid advertisers.

    Action Item: TT suggests BOD use the United as a place to possibly interview for Publicity Chairperson and future officers.

    3) Discussion of TE/AE Direction & Vision for the Future
    President says the Alpine exodus from the club bothers him. Looking for opinion from BOD on the exodus of Alpines from the club. C. Moon doesn’t see a trend because it’s only been in the last 6 months. VP sees a certain amount of attrition from the club. Looking for a way to track cars that are leaving.
    J. Morrison states that he tracks owners vehicles: 418 Tigers, 295 Alpines and 27 other Rootes. President suggests tracking for the next few years? J. Morrison will include in monthly mailing of tracking cars. President wants BOD opinion: Is club moving forward as a Rootes club or a Tigers only club. Is it a problem? VP states: How do you stop people from leaving?
    TT says we are not providing an all Rootes club. We have newsletter, cyberspace and regional meets. Our regional meets are strong. We have long term commitment. Uniteds are great w/high percentage of repeaters. Very little new people. Cyberspace numbers aren’t good. We still have Tiger heads splashed all over website.
    TT says we don’t project ourselves well in cyberspace. He agrees w/R. Jaarsma. Alpines are migrating to cyberspace world. Losing out on younger generation. Are we pricing ourselves out of United? Can only well to do afford to attend United? Potential members and Alpine people are in the cyberworld. We’ve lost Alpine world to Ian Spencers cyberworld. R. Jaarsma agrees with TT.
    R. Dohogne says that Alpine people are looking for car knowledge. Give them what they’re looking for. President says we need to update website, more topics to website forum. C. Moon says we are separated from Ian Spencers group by our newsletter and our Uniteds. VP says we should make tech tips on website available from older newsletters for members only.
    President says we have gotten better and moving toward more Alpine info/articles for owners in newsletter. Update website, removing Tiger only illustrations. B. Sharkey asked if all regions are holding some type of event this year? President says some regions aren’t doing much. President hasn’t heard from Bill Evans & Dan Fitzgerald. President will follow up on question and ask for coming events for 2006.
    President asks J. Morrison to poll members email addresses and cars that they own. J. Morrison asks for members to annually update their member information. R. Jaarsma says there is not enough action on our website. He says the Alpine side is taken by Ian Spencers side. The forum activity level is very low. He says very few members are on the forum. President says members selling on eBay instead of selling to our members first. How do we entice more members to sell to our members first? C. Moon asks if there are more pictures on the web and suggests everyone submitting more event photos to website. TT sent BASH photos but they are too hard to find on the website. T. Calvert says not everyone has same perception of website design. VP says to make decision on making changes to website such as removing Tiger heads. T. Calvert says he doesn’t look at website for icons, he only looks at content. Remove Tiger heads in lieu of something generic. TT makes motion to use generic symbols on home page instead of Tigers symbols. T. Calvert seconds motion. All in favor of removing Tiger heads & replace with generic symbols.

    Action Item: S. DiBattista to look back thru old BOD minutes for outcome of Tech tips discussion.

    4) Decline of club assets
    At one time in 2001, we had in excess of 20,000.00 in our bank account. President spoke with F. Baum on declining cash flow. President says the club should stay over $10,000.00 mark. Newsletters cost are too high. We should have 20% in escrow each year. TT doesn’t think that’s unreasonable. What if it falls below that? Constant decline needs to be addressed. Treasurer wants to see an average of $10,000.00 each month. Presidents opinion that we shouldn’t have lost $700.00 on trademark issue, we need to look at what we spend money on and how. He believes we should go w/color newsletter and reduce out of pocket costs per month. We are so far out of range with spending on newsletter. Stop bleeding the club w/o increasing membership dues. But we shouldn’t decrease dues. Keeping dues as is and color newsletter. J. Sharkey says Pay Pal isn’t doing us any favors with members paying thru them. VP asks if a lot of members use PayPal. J. Morrison says yes.
    2 yr. Electronic membership is $52.00.
    PayPal charges 2.9% + .30 on 52.00 for each transaction.
    Out of 577 members, 132 use PayPal.
    If every member used payPal along with new quotes from printer, we’d have more then enough in club assets.
    President doesn’t see any reason for increasing in dues. B. Sharkey asks what is the cost of website annually? Yearly cost of website is $55.00.

    Printer Comparisons

    Printer Black & White Color
    Letterman Press $772.00 $1221.00
    DSR $773.00 $1053.00
    Printostat $934.00 $2650.00
    Minuteman $901.00 Too high to quote

    F. Baum hasn’t been formatting newsletter before going to printer. TT has talked to him about beginning to format newsletter on his own. F. Baum has spoken to DSR. Current quote from DSR is comparable to how F. Baum is sending out newsletter now w/printer doing the same. If formatting were complete when presented to printer, it would lower the cost slightly.

    R. Jaarsma say Letterman Press were looking for print ready copies. J. Morrison recommends that we don’t go to color right now but B&W to make sure that we test the printer first. TT agrees with waiting for a few months. C. Moon is close enough to printer to check on them. TT will go in person to printer initially. Printer is already printing newsletter similar to ours for another club.
    TT makes motion to pursue DSR as our printer for newsletter after preliminary discussion w/printer & editor. Someone should be given authorized to go w/printer. Does BOD give permission to C. Moon & TT to go ahead? R. Dohogne seconds motion.
    T. Calvert states the matter should be settle now. President agrees and does not agree with J. Morrison opinion.
    Call for vote taken on TT’s motion to give permission to C. Moon, TT to authorize change in printers after preliminary meeting. All in favor of authorizing change in printers.
    J. Sharkey suggests running B/W until United then color from there forward. VP agrees w/J. Morrison.
    TT’s not in agreement. No value in B/W in next few issues. R. Jaarsma suggests verifying cost first w/printer before going color. Can we get a commitment for a year from printer?
    VP suggests making sure F. Baum understands the cost can be reduced by doing the formatting himself.
    T. Calvert makes motion to go forward with color newsletter after preliminary meeting w/printer.
    R. Jaarsma seconds motion. Call for vote taken on motion to move forward with color newsletter. All in favor of change to color from B&W.

    5) Treasury
    President proposes that the Treasurer provide BOD & Officers with a quarterly financial report (Account transactions) by email. Email is preferred by BOD & Officers.

    6) United
    VP would like to discuss United XXVI. Curt sent out new registration form to be sent in next newsletter. Where is the autocross being held? TT says we do not have an autocross site at this time. Doug Jennings is working on getting a site. T. Calvert spoke w/Curt on conducting TAC sessions.

    7) Election of New BOD & Officers

    F. Baum mentioned starting early to look for new Officers instead of waiting until GMM. TT says we can start early. C. Moon asks can we start discussions on the forum under official business. T. Calvert suggests mentioning in newsletter. TT suggests walking thru roster to look for candidates and put together a list. TT asks T. Calvert to look at roster for candidates. R. Dohogne suggests past officers running again. President suggests J. Morrison running again. J. Sharkey suggests getting names from general membership earlier.

    Action item: All BOD & Officers to walk thru roster to comprise a list for Pres, VP & Secretary and email to secretary by 7/29/06.

    Meeting adjourned at: 5:15pm

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