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    For those interested and who are members of C.A.T., the following is a list of the new officers’ and BOD’s e-mail addresses. I sent an e-mail asking about membership extension in light of the fact that we have not received a newsletter since November. That is until the winter 2006 issue I just received.

    I think it is admirable that someone has taken the responsibility even on a temporary basis. Hopefully there will be a permanent solution soon.

    I guess nepotism can be a disadvantage when your editor suddenly quits because her husband was not re-elected. (see page 7 of the winter issue)

    Bruce Davis phyrman@verizon.net
    Claudia Trippel TRIPPEL@peoplepc.com
    Bill Graf williamgraf@netscape.net
    Rick Mueller beancounter@catmbr.org
    Paul Paretti tigerV8@adelphia.net
    Dan Walters spmdr@juno.com
    Steve Alcala stevenalcala@sbcglobal.net

    Fred Baum

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