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    Officers and BOD,
    Deviating from the main focus, however interesting for the “TEAE marketing” aspects:
    Under history please look at the calendar our member Paul Breuhan. Wonderful.
    I approached him about a TEAE calendar for 2006. His answer is below. POSITIVE !
    Gary Schotland & I put two together years ago. Paul can do it better.
    I like to discuss this briefly at the meeting. Or please comment here.

    Paul Breuhan wrote:

    I can help TEAE pull a calendar together.

    I like the restoration picture idea, actually I thought of doing that my next time around if I did another calendar. It would give other people exposure and boost their moral with their projects. With my calendar a few people sent pictures of cars which have been seen a lot (Lemans Tigers, Ken Miles Tiger Prototype, etc…) but I went with the average guys cars.

    If you get the go ahead from the club, I think the sooner you can start with the photos the better (such as announcing in the spring). I found a lot of people sent me stuff that was really unusable so I had to really review the pictures.

    The internet should make finding a printer easier. Go to Google or yahoo and search on “calendar printer” and bunch will come up.

    Keep me posted and if we need to talk my number at home is 248-449-1556.


    Robert Jaarsma wrote (abbreviated):
    Thanks for all the work on the calendar! It looks “mucho” better than I expected.
    Really nice front page and intertwined detail pictures on every page.
    My question to you, since you are so good at it:
    Would it be possible to put one together for next year for TE/AE?
    If we put it in the newsletter /forum before summer, it gives people time to take good pictures. May be a due date for end September to mail them in and issue by Dec 1, in time for Christmas .
    Printing of, I believe we did 1500, will be more involved and costlier.
    We probably would like to make it more a Rootes than Sunbeam calendar.
    May be a restoration issue to stimulate restoring our cars. (in process pictures)?
    If you can do the composition, I (we) can take care of the printing part
    and the distribution. It would be a boost for the club to sponsor it again.

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