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    Didn’t know what else to call this.

    I was at a meeting of the local British car club last night, and they passed out business cards to everyone there. These cards contained the club logo and information about joining the club. The card listed the website and had blank spaces for entering a contact name. The cards are to be passed out whenever someone sees a British car and think that the owner may want to join the club.

    The club had 1,500 cards made for $40.00 at a local print shop like a Sir Speedy.

    I thought this was a rather clever idea for soliciting membership. We could do the same thing at car shows, meets, etc. We could have the cards made up and send each regional representative about 100 cards to pass out among the members in his region. The BOD and the officers could get some, and the new members could get a few sent in the new member package.

    Current members could be informed of the the cards through the RR, and could ask for some if they wanted to participate in a membership drive.

    We could use the logo that has the Tigers East Alpines East above the circle that has the words Sunbeam Rootes Group around it, with the American and British flags on either side.

    I will try to scan in the card, and if you want to see it I will send it to you.

    Looking for gimmicks? Maybe this is a half gimmick and the name tags I proposed before is another half one. That gives me credit for a whole gimmick!

    Let me know your thoughts.


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