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    Last week I sent an email to the BOD, Reps and Officers asking if anyone was aware of the subject event and TE/AE’s involvement. I got “0” response. So what’s the big deal. This is THE big Brit show in the South, Sunbeam is the featured marque and TEAE is listed as the ONLY Beam sponsor. Here is a chance for TE/AE to seize the moment. Is anyone aware of who is behind this and what TEAE is doing to promote this event? I suspect it may be Ted Stewart. Who ever it is deserves progressive support from us. There wasn’t even an announcement in the last RR. There is mention of it in this web site and even the possibility of coordinating an SOS at this event. Again, who is behind this? As the BOD we should know and do what we can to help those who are trying to use this event to promote Beams, TEAE and the marque. What can we do? Make sure a suitable promotional article is in the RR; Emeblish the event more on the web site, if SOS is part of it, include the details; assure a REP from TE/AE is communicating with the event organizers to help promote the Beam marque.

    OK, what are we going to do.

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