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    This message is to all the BOD members. As the current Concours Rules Chairperson I would like to have a few questions answered before we continue this project.

    After conducting the Concours event at the United this year, I need to understand the reason the club feels that the Concours rules/judging sheets need to be changed. The direction I received before the United was to try and convert TE/AE Concours rules/judging sheets to the style of the Alpha club Conours. The Alpha style is good for Stock car classes, but I don’t think it will work for our Personalized class.

    First, can someone tell me what the reason is for changing the rules/judging sheets? Second, if we convert the Stock class rules/judging sheets to the Alpha style we will have two different sets of Concours rules/judging sheets and does the club want this result? Third, did anyone that attended United XXV here of problems with Concours event rules/judging?

    I would like to get some information/direction before we invest a lot of effort in Concours rules/judging sheet changes that do not reflect the direction the club really wants to go.

    Thanks for your help,
    Bob Sharkey

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