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    Having helped out Bob and TT a bit, I had a few thoughts on rules issues for the Concours.

    We state that a car goes into the Premiere class “For vehicles that have won first place in their class in any national Sunbeam Marque club event during the previous thirty-six months”

    This leads to ambiguity as to what is a national event and is it major and representative enough to put someone into TE/AE’s Premiere class. I think that we should limit it to the TE/AE United and SUNI event results that would put someone into our Premiere class.

    I also think that, with the importance of the Popular Vote being elevated (because it determines the winner of the Wally Award) that we need to control the ballots better by issuing only prenumbered ballots (with the registration numbers on them) to only registered adults.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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