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    This latest brouhaha with the election process has gotten me to suggest that we create, write down and follow agreed upon guidelines for the election process. It seems that it has become a bit too casual and inconsistent for something that important. It is one …..of the many things …..that the President should pass along in the transition sessions with his/her replacement each leadership change.

    My impression (and I apologize if this impression is not accurate) is that Fred, as Editor, determined the time-line and process for the election….when the ballot and bios would be published, when the votes would be due, etc. I am in no way impugning Fred…I applaud him for taking it all on…but I suggest that this be a responsibility of the President. I can speak for my tenure as Prez, and that is what I did. The president is elected to head the operations of the Club and that should apply here too. The Prez should inform the BOD at the annual meeting at the United who is up for Election…BOD and Officers, who can re-run for their Office as per the By-Laws, etc. and then run the election process.

    We also need some consistency year-to-year as to timing. We should develop guidelines for:

    1) When the bios and ballot are published. I suggest that they be in the first issue after the United. The United is where we have the annual meeting, the BOD presents it’s slate to the members and receives additional nominations. I suggest that we only publish them once. As we learned this year, the time-line is not there to do it twice. If a nominee can not get their bio in by when it is needed, then no bio is published for them.

    2) How long to give members to vote after we publish the ballot in the RR. Our By-Laws require "such due date being at least one (1) month from the mailing of the notice of election". We need to follow this. We need to give adequate time even if the publishing process is delayed from the plan. In the past we have even had this date be after the first of the year and that worked fine.

    3) I suggest that we do a special email to all the Electronic RR recipients containing the ballot after we publish it in the RR. We can reference the bios in the RR they get electronically. I think this additional step will get more interest from the ERR folks where not having a paper ballot would be less motivation to vote.

    Anything else?

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