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    Jim & All (I’m transferring this topic from email to the forum)

    All, I propose TEAE put a For Sale/Wanted section in the sites Home page. Fred could send a text version from each issue of the RR with a two photo limit per ad. And for turkeys like me, put a text link to other sites if need be. And of course there should be the usual disclaimer that TEAE doesn’t have a clue about or any responsibility for items listed.

    I sent the LeMans For Sale package to Donna and you with a cc to others knowing the Photo size was large even with thumbnail size photos. That is why I asked. I was not sure what the website capabilities were or are.

    Considering the magnitude of the photos this next issue may moot. Perhaps I did not make myself clear with the request. I did not expect the photos to be captioned. I realize that is an insane amount of work. I wouldn’t do it either. What I did have in mind was an independent text list of the photos which were the word doc’s I included.

    FYI, I had already set up a site for all the photos at the time I sent my request. Eric had already accessed it. I am simply trying to use TEAE as a marketing tool to bolster its presence in the marque. I was planning on referencing the TEAE site on eBay. I know we discussed using the the Website for listing For Sale/Wanted items. I must admit I do not remember the details. I do realize we are trying to promote forum use too. My personal opinion is that the Forum, while a nice place to list For sale/Wanted items is great for those type who use the forum. It does not make it convenient for the non-registered forum owner to access For Sale/Wanted items.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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