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    I was at an MG club event (no, I’m not going to the other side 😀 ) My neighbor is a member of that club.

    They have name tags that were made up by a trophy shop near me that have their club logo, member’s name and type of car (MG-B, MG-TD, etc.) on them as well as the city where they live.

    The background can be any design. The MG club has a couple stripes on theirs, but the possibilities are pretty much endless.

    The neat thing about these is they are held on to your clothing with a magnet that goes inside the clothing and fastens the name tag on the outside without putting holes in the clothes. The magnet is strong enough to securely hold the tag.

    Would there be any interest in pursuing this? I don’t know costs, other than single pieces cost about $8.00 with a significant quantity discount.

    I plan to investigate this for Whizzzbang Motors, and will update for cost and availability, as well as what cost there is for making them for the new members we get each month.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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