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    Officers and BOD,

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, July 9th at our second face-to-face BOD meeting of 2005.

    Please list who will attend in person, and who will attend by teleconference. I want to insure we have a quorum now, so we can settle some of these pressing issues.

    The agenda for discussion so far is;

    1) Decline of club assets
    2) Marketing of TE/AE / Club name change
    3) Regional Representatives concerns a) Out of pocket expenses
    4) Comments from other clubs on SUNI and Autocross rules
    5) BOD meeting time at United XXV
    6) Replacement of vacant Representative posts
    7) Concours Rules for 2006

    Meeting time will be 1:30pm to 5:30pm. If we finish sooner great! After all that thinking we will be hungry, so for those who would like to attend, dinner at the Soda Jerk?

    Please add your issues, comments, and concerns to this post and I will incorporate them into our agenda.

    Best Regards and keep on beaming,

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