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    Like we have done for all the other awards, we need to write down, in detail, the criteria for the Keith Porter awards. I can find no writeup. We all know that it goes to the fastest Alpine and the fastest Tiger in the Autocross. But does the winner have to be driving his or her own car?

    Doug Jennings, who is without a doubt in my mind, our fastest auto-crosser, came to the United without a car. He borrowed Geoff Byrd’s race car and had the fastest time and won the Porter trophy.

    I am not objecting to Doug’s winning it. But as each new administration comes into TE/AE it would be nice if we had all our stuff written down.

    The decision to award it to Doug, even though he was not in a car he owned was offered up by TT with the philosophy that the Porter is about the person not the car.

    I do not care which way we decide on this. We just need to officially decide and write it down for posterity.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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