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    I would like to revisit the issue of lowering the cost of the ERR. I do not believe that we are to the point of not having a printed RR yet. So we are going to print and mail most of them for a while. But we can encourage members to go electronic by lowering the price.

    I would propose that we lower the annual ERR dues from the present $29 to $19. This is significant enough to encourage current members to go electronic and low enough to get new members. For a member to go electronic saves us 12 times $0.63 postage per edition per year in postage ……that is $7.56 and, based on the last data I saw, 12 times $0.25 per issue in printing costs….another $3. We could even not send the printed Roster to the ERR members because they can get the Roster on the Members Only Page of the website. Another savings of a couple of bucks. Hence the $19 proposal.

    If approved, I will send out an individual email to all members that we have emails for with the new offer. I would suggest that for anyone that takes us up on the offer, that we extend their membership proportionally.

    I think that this is a fair and progressive thing to do and overdue.

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