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    We have had 33 people signed up for the Electronic Rootes Review. Not as many as I had hoped but I think more will sign up as the newsletter with the article in it is read and as folks renew.

    Now that we have the Electronic RR up and going, I think it is time to do something else that we have discussed before. That is a Members Only section of the website. It has been the number one request from folks who have signed up for the Electronic RR.

    I coordinated with Jim and Donna and then I developed a members only page for your review and comment. How we implement and use it is another discussion all together and I will address my suggestion for that in another posting.

    The Members Only page uses a Login ID and Password that are assigned to each member. They are fixed and do not change but they do expire as memberships expire. I will update the login database (from the membership database) on the website once a month to only allow current members to have access.

    To see how everything will work, you will have to try a few things. First, go to the main login page

    Try these User ID’s and Passwords of fictional members to test it.

    Member Name(s) – Bill and Edith Jones
    User ID – 0000Jones
    Password – def987
    Member Status – Expired Member

    Member Name(s) – Fred Brown
    User ID – 1234Brown
    Password – fgh567
    Member Status – Bad User ID

    Member Name(s) – John Smith
    User ID – 0000Smith
    Password – abc123
    Member Status – Current Member

    The last set will have gotten you to the Members Only page where we have almost 4 years of previous Rootes Reviews. Each month I will add the new edition. Also there is an up-to-date version of the Roster and other member reports for folks to consult as the membership changes between publications. We may also want to move the tech tips section of the website here so it benefits our members and is not open to the public. And any other content that makes sense to offer up only to our members.

    I have protected the newsletter files so they can not be accessed by non-members.

    Donna and Jim are still the webmasters. I will only be updating the Members Only part that I developed.

    Please let me know how it all works and looks and what you think. I will follow all this up with another posting on my thoughts on how to use it and how to integrate it into the new Electronic RR offering.

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