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    Jim M.-

    I am curious as to how many members do not renew at all during a given time frame. We all see the new members, usually between three and six, each month, and the ones who either forgot to renew or renewed after the report goes out. We could print the number of non-renews each month but that would not be an accurate number.

    It seems that our membership remains constant, between about 565 and about 580. If we add, say, four new members a month for a year we should in theory increase by 48 people per year.

    Besides looking at ways to attract younger members, maybe we should be investigating why we lose members, and what we can do to keep them. I’m sure some lose interest, sell their cars or become too old (can I say that and still be politically correct?) to enjoy the vehicles. For those who do not fit these categories, what might the reasons be?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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