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    This is a FYI for BOD/Reps and whomever. The follownig announcement has been prepared to be emailed to all TEAE members who have provided their email address. …..TT

    We thought you should know about the following historic occasion and encourage you to show your support for these race teams by attending.

    At least eleven drivers plan to race Alpines and Tigers at the SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand-Prix race course on June 24 through 26. This promises to be the largest collection of Sunbeam racers participating at one event in the East coast for decades, maybe ever.

    Sports Car Forum’s original Alpine and Tiger will be racing. This is the first meeting of these two vehicles since racing in the 60’s. The SCF’s affable owner H.J. Meyer will be in attendance along with Drivers Don Sessler and Dan Carmichael. To celebrate this occasion at least nine other Alpine and Tigers will be racing.

    Barry Schonberger, the defacto Rootes Competition director for the week-end, is coordinating the “Rootes Compound” so all the race cars will be pitted as a group.

    Bob and Jean Webb will be the SUNBEAM ONLY car corral hosts. Sunbeams will
    get preferred parking. Park the family car in the back lot and walk. Drive a

    The following entrants plan to race this weekend.
    (Driver, State-car)
    Robert Black, MA – Tiger
    Curt Bowland, IL – Tiger
    Jim Dolan, PA – Tiger
    Gilbert Grable, VA – Tiger
    Geoff Byrd, VA – Tiger
    Don Sessler, OH – Tiger (SCF Tiger, Owner Buck Tripple)
    John Morton, CA – Tiger (SCF Tiger, Owner Buck Tripple)
    Dan Rosenthal, OH – Tiger
    Steve Silverstein, MA – Alpine (SCF Alpine, Owner, S. Silverstein)
    John Sybrandt, GA – Tiger
    Geoffrey Tedder, OH – Alpine

    Visit this site for additional Sunbeam info,

    Mid-Ohio directions, schedule and other info,

    Area Lodging, http://www.grandprixcities.com/lexington.html AND


    Contact Info,
    Doug Jennings, Tiger Auto 937-259-6800
    Tiger Tom Ehrhart 717-832-1116
    Bob and Jean Webb 740-947-4453

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