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    Board of Directors Meeting – Saturday, July 28, 2007

    In attendance: Tom Ehrhart, Carl Moon, Anthony DiBattista, Susan DiBattista, Tom Calvert, Fred Baum, Eric Gibeaut, Robert Jaarsma, Bill Mounce, Ranney Dohogne

    The meeting is called to order at 9:49a.m.

    Reading of the minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting on October 13, 2006
    Tom Ehrhart suggested that all members in attendance read the minutes themselves.

    Pres. Says we have been talking for some time about having a paid advertising/publicity chairperson. He introduced David Kellogg who is interested in the position.
    Dave introduced himself to the board of directors and told us what he would do it if appointed. He would like to design a tri-fold mailer to be given out to prospective members of the club. Dave would like to contribute the design for the mailer. Would also be interested in being a candidate for the paid publicity position. He feels he would be a good candidate because he has the background in photography and design. He said the brochure has worked well for other clubs and could help TE/AE. Everyone in our club could hand out these brochures. Dave says he is comfortable contacting advertisers to place ads in our newsletter, although it is not a strong point for him, as he is more comfortable with design and photography.

    The president read the duties of the publicity chairman. The editor and the publicity chairman are the ultimate important persons in the club.

    The floor was opened up for discussion and questions to the board of directors. R. Jaarsma asked who takes care of advertising the United before the event? Shouldn’t there be a blurb in Hemmings and other magazines? Keep Rootes alive by showing older and younger members together. We are all getting older in this club and the marketing of the marque will help promote the club to younger generation.

    VP asked is Dave more interested in the design and production of the flyer than in getting advertising? Dave answered that he doesn’t have a lot of experience making cold calls – this well be a learning experience for him. The placing of advertising is a very important part of the job. If someone else can handle the advertising, Dave will help with the design and presentation of the flyer. TT says Dave wants to do one portion of the position and may be apprehensive about ad sales. We should accept Dave’s offer of producing the flyer and possibly Curt Hoffman could handle the sales end of it.

    R. Dohogne questioned if anyone had asked Curt about the position. Bill Miller asked how many actually attended the United because of the blurb in Autoweek? Jim Morrison said none.

    After re-reading the duties of publicity chairman and much discussion, Tom Hall suggested that due to the age of our volunteer (Dave) and the average age of the BOD, we should not turn down his offer.

    R. Dohogne moved that we accept David Kellogg as publicity/advertising chairperson; Jim D’Amelio seconded. Motion accepted. David Kellogg is our new publicity/advertising chairperson.

    Slate of Officers – the current officers will serve another term of office with the exception of our Vice President, Chuck King who cannot serve another term due to time constraints. A recommendation for vice president was made by Jim Morrison. Curt has done a great job with the United. Several names of club members were brought up for the position of VP. Anthony will ask Curt if he would consider running for VP, if not he will ask Pam Jeffers or John Sybrant. The slate of officers to be presented to the general membership on Sunday, October 15 is as follows:
    President: Anthony DiBattista
    Vice-President: Curt Hoffman
    Secretary: Susan DiBattista
    Treasurer: Judy Sharkey

    Board of Directors nominations: The following people on the board of directors will end their terms at the end of the 2006 calendar year: Tom Calvert, Tom Ehrhart, and Eric Gibeaut. All three are willing to serve for another term. Judy Sharkey said that Bob Sharkey would also be willing to serve on the board of directors if needed.

    Each person running for office or board of directors is required to write a short bio for the newsletter. Judy Sharkey suggested we keep the bios to a minimum. Tom Calvert stated that we should not put a limit on t he bios, if a person wants to write a little more – that’s OK.

    United XXVII: Steve Halbrook of Florida presented his ideas for a United in Florida next year (2007). The place would be between St. Augustine and Daytona, the Palm Coast for a first choice. A second choice place would be Sebring, FL near the race track. Steve presented attractions for each place and would include attractions for the ladies, families. The dates would be around Columbus Day weekend in October.

    Judy asked an approximate budget for the FL United. Steve said the rates would be higher than Kentucky, but less than Alexandria Bay. He can get a budget from the hotel for us. R. Dohogne suggested that a cost budget be put together. TT was concerned that Steve Halbrook should live closer to the area where the event is being held. President asked Steve to consider 3 things: 1. Where the concourse is being held 2. Where the autocross is being held and 3. The cost of the event.

    Steve said that he has held other car events there and was treated very well. The autocross can be held right at the Hammock Beach Club. The autocross can be set up through contacts in Florida at an autocross site. He also stated that the hotel can give us a hospitality suite with a kitchen.

    President suggests that we let Steve organize and draw up a budget for presentation to the board of directors for consideration and that this be in the board’s hands by the end of November. Robert Jaarsma suggested that we set a date and location before Christmas so people can start to set up their vacation plans for next year. TT also asked that Steve look into event insurance in the case of weather issues. Our current VP, Chuck King will work with the United organizers until Curt Hoffman comes on board next year.

    Regional Reps Reports:

    President said how much he enjoyed the Crab Feast this year. We, as regions need to be active and gain regional interest. Requirement to hold 1 event/year minimum. Regional Reps were asked to write a report on events and plans.

    New Jersey – Bill Mounts report was read in his absence. The New Jersey region reports that there is a Sunbeam class at each local MOPAR show.

    South – Eric Gibeaut sends personal emails to new members in his area. British Car Day is held in October. Road Atlanta in the spring. Regional SOS. Eric also plans to work with Steve Halbrook in Florida on next year’s United. Eric said ownership and participation are growing in the South.

    Florida – Steve Halbrook reported declining membership. Georgia gained one member. Sale of cars to other regions hurts this region. He contacts members who have not renewed memberships. Some due to time constraints. Central Florida has 2 – 8 people show up for events. Some events are held in Winter Gardens, Hammock Beach, they also serve as local High School homecoming queens escorts. The young people think the cars are great. This is good exposure for the club.

    Chesapeake – Tom Calvert reported that the Crab Feast is held annually at his farm. The group is growing older. Wally was an instrumental person in the Chesapeake Region. Others have tried to hold events, but can’t seem to keep it going. Tom would like to step down as rep for the region if someone else would take over. He said he will still have the Crab Feast, though. President suggested that we put it on the agenda to get someone to help with the region that Tom can mentor.

    Midwest – Dave Johnson – his region suffers from remoteness geographically. Shelby club members attend events, but don’t join TE/AE. British car show held annually. New event – Scottish Highland Games – 6 cars showed up. Dave moved from Chicago to Indianapolis area. He said people ask the question: What do I get for $33. if I join TEAE?

    Deep South – Bill Evans reported one new member. No events for the rest of the year. Will help with FL United next year. President encouraged Bill to try to put at least one event on the calendar for next year.

    Pennsylvania – Tom Ehrhart has a strong region involved in setting up the BASH in the spring, Meeting of the Marques in Sept. He is grooming new leadership in the PA region. Next year the BASH will be held at Import Carlisle. He has good turnouts for events.

    Tigers East Alpines East Vision for the Future:

    President is concerned about keeping the club viable, growing the club. Are we going in the right direction?

    Bill Miller challenged the board to share our electronic newsletter. He proposed that we share our newsletter with other clubs i.e. CAT, STOA. We need to spend quality time talking about the future. Our membership chairperson, Jim Morrison, responds quickly – gives instant reinforcement when a new member joins the club

    President says he has found other clubs very non-committal. How can we bring other clubs in? Bill Miller responded that this is a tough question. We need openness, good communication skills, and proposed a joint electronic newsletter. TT stressed that we need to unify the marque. Activity that unifies the marque. If we google Sunbeams and get the whole group, we are unifying the marque. Bill Miller says he is not promoting a joint newsletter, but the sharing of information between clubs.

    VP said the forum and Tech Tips are 2 different things – people need to be willing to give information.

    Jim D’Amelio said that if all clubs had access to the same information, why join all the clubs? TT answered that each club has its own signature – people join for different reasons. We need something neutral – something to keep each club represented. Create a unified organization.

    Tom Hall has spent 38 years in S.T.O.A. He feels if we have a central organization, each club will lose income, membership. Everyone loses something.
    TT said each club is so strong willed, we don’t want to give up our area, but we can each contribute to working together.

    President: Our group welcomes all Rootes cars.
    Action Item: TEAE is ready to start now with a team effort. We look forward to working with other clubs. There are individuals from other clubs who have heard our plight. The new president of CAT has not contacted TEAE president yet.

    VP suggested we put a pictorial directory on the website – put members picture with their name so we can put a name with a face.

    Fred Baum suggested name badges w. the TEAE logo, person’s name, membership #, city, state, what cars they own. This would be a permanent badge with a magnetic backing to be worn at all events. This shows pride in membership. These can be given to new members and sold to existing members.

    TT suggests we create name badges instead of patches for new members. Judy will look into prices of purchasing these in the future.

    Historian Position: The club historian (Andrea Hellings) is not currently active. Has moved to Texas. Judy Sharkey asked if Andrea could relinquish that position as someone else is interested in the position. TT said we need to contact Andrea and ask if she would mind sharing this job with Debbie Ehrhart. TT said he would contact Andrea about turning over the historic memorabilia.

    Membership Roster: Jim Morrison made a motion that he send out only the roster without bylaws and award descriptions. He said the website has the bylaws and award descriptions. The newsletter printer said it would cost $600-$700 less to do the roster this way. There was some discussion following this suggestion. Some members felt that the bylaws and the awards descriptions should be included in the roster. Jim Morrison withdrew his motion.

    A motion to approve the minutes as read by Carl Moon with noted additions.

    Committee Reports

    Treasurer: (President delivered report in Treasurers absence)
    Treasurer’s report for 01/01/2007 thru 07/27/2007

    Auto cross 2006 25.00
    Dues 10,659.09
    Interest 34.48
    Bank fee refunded 15.00
    United XXVII
    registration 4,645.00
    TOTAL CREDIT: $15,378.57

    Annual Inc. fee 25.00
    Insurance 648.00
    Membership 230.17
    Newsletter 8,542.67
    Roster 1,904.67
    Web host fees 55.00
    TOTAL DEBITS: $11,405.51

    NET GAIN(LOSS) $ 3,973.06

    President asks for any questions. How is the registration negative? We’ve lost money. Our finances are more in line this year then last year. Newsletter could be why but that’s alright. C. Moon says mid-year report isn’t good. Can’t be negative this time of year. This year will be first full year of new printer expenses should be a positive. R. Dohogne suggests having Treasurer send out an itemized report.

    Action Item: Secretary to contact Treasurer for detailed report to be sent to BOD and officers.


    Event Number of registrants
    Concourse 51
    Awards Banquet 112
    Crane Cams Tour 72, limited to 50
    Daytona USA 52
    Chris Koch Museum Tour 103
    Flea Market Shopping 46
    Racings North Turn Restaurant 71
    Inlet Harbor Restaurant 96
    Crabby Joes Restaurant 92
    TAC Registration 7
    Regalia (Shirts) 59
    Trailers 26

    C. Hoffman responded back to S. Halbrooks statement about the low United numbers. C. Hoffman said he was in the same position last year.
    TT suggests calling S. Halbrook to thank him.

    Sales have been slow. Low stock. Will have discount table at United. Eric requests $500.00 for restocking. President said that wouldn’t be a problem. President suggests updating shirts and jackets.
    E. Gibeaut will forward new prices to the board. TT suggests including Dave Kulasa as supporter of Regalia for the club. Eric will contact him. R. Dohogne suggests local person for embroidery. He’ll forward info to Eric before the end of weekend.

    T. Calvert makes motion to give money to Eric. TT seconds.
    Any discussion? Motion taken.
    Eric will send all bills to Treasurer.

    Newsletter: F. Baum says no problems with new printer. Getting more then enough from members to publish. July newsletter was skipped. August will be 16 pages. President asks how much money was saved not printing July. President says Treasurers report doesn’t reflect Julys savings. TT wants to thank newsletter editor. C. Moon suggests ‘profiles’ on members. F. Baum suggests asking members if they’d like to be profiled. F. Baums wife will do interviews.
    B. Mounce suggests a ‘Historian’ profile.

    B. Mounce suggests that info on car membership should be provided to general membership. Don’t use the word ‘other’.T. Calvert says that state wide is the same thing. C. Moon says that an other idea is a state by state id for all members. Suggestion to add numbers
    Eric said all info is already listed on TEAE website. Shouldn’t be listed under ‘members only’.

    J. D’Amelio not present. Website master looking for a replacement. How do we get more discussion on website?

    Publicity: Chairperson not present.

    Old Business

    Action Item: Dave Kellogg producing a flyer; Curt Hoffman handling sales of it. B. Mounce asked what is it about. The flyer is a sale of what the club is about. Curt would market it. Nothing has been produced yet. R. Jaarsma emailed printing of a flyer (from Alpine Club) to BOD. President will contact D. Kellogg to talk about creating the club flyer and also if he has been working with S. Halbrook on the United. R. Jaarsma has also contacted Dave.

    Action Item: Chesapeake region; T. Calvert suggests finding someone to take over the region. He has not been able to find anyone. President is worried about senior members leaving. TT suggests keeping a look out for others in Chesapeake region. TT mentioned Rick Kellett.
    F. Baum suggests sending a letter to the Chesapeake region asking for help. T. Calvert will send out a letter along with the Crab Feast Flyer in his region.

    Action Item: F. Baum suggested permanent name badges in the club. Can be created fairly cheap. B. Mounce says it is a good idea and would be a good promotion for the club. President says a T-shirt promotes more than a name badge. TT is an advocate of name badges. Brand recognition is good. T. Calvert suggests BOD & Reg Reps purchase badges to help promote.
    E. Gibault said that J. Morrison sends out TEAE sticker with new memberships. R. Dohogne says generic emblem is appropriate. Will need to come up with samples. R. Jaarsma suggests BOD & Reg Reps wearing them at United. President agrees.

    Motion: TT will come up with prices and samples (Name, Logo, City, State) for sale at the United. F. Baum will provide samples for sale at the United in 2 week and present to Board for approval. Motion seconded by T. Calvert.

    Any discussion on this issues? B. Mounce asked whether we will change/update our TE/AE logo? President asked B. Mounce to work with TT on updating logo.

    Action Item: Historian Position, TT has had discussions with A. Hellings & D. Ehrhart. Andrea has gone through old documents and cataloging but TT has never seen anything. D. Erhardt has agreed to help and has contacted A. Hellings. D. Erhardt has contacted TT but can’t move forward. The historic data that Andrea has needs to be returned to TT. TT will request that Andrea return all data.


    • Increasing Forum and Website use. Open for discussion. D’Amelios want to step down. T. Calvert asks R. Jaarsma for suggestions. Forum should be more dynamic and get more people to utilize it. He says other forums have people interacting with each other. TT says other people are on forums acting as professors. TT suggests consolidating links but we need new webmaster and new site host. Eric says BOD members need to be on more often. T. Calvert says all forums are cumbersome to use. What can our club offer that’s different from other forums? F. Baum will help by asking for webmaster in newsletter. B. Mounce suggests changing home page to include links for information & resources then have the link to our site. T. Calvert suggests asking D’Amelio if the site will continue to host our webpage.
    Eric says other club members keep forum going by always being active on their site. R. Jaarsma agrees. President agrees that the members make the forum.

    Action Item: President will contact J. Morrison on job responsibilies of webmaster and get info to editor.

    • Promotion of TE/AE at regional events. Brand recognition and possible addition of new club banners. We need new banners. T. Calvert suggestions new vinyl banners. TT will contact someone for a price. Should banners have same logo? All logos should be the same. TT proposes 1 group with many chapters. President agrees but other clubs are not willing to join. Asks if BOD are in agreement with name change. Want to create a unified name? We can’t make permanent changes w/o the other clubs buy in. TT would like motion from BOD for a national club with other clubs (entity) under the umbrella (SUNI, offering car insurance, national newsletter). Rootes Clubs of America. Europe follows this. TT says next step to present to other clubs. President asks editor how he feels about national newsletter. F. Baum agrees. Nat’l newsletter would be a savings because of volume.

    Action Item: TT will contact some of the other club presidents and approach them with the idea.

    • United XXVIII to be held in the Mid-Atlantic 2008. Looking for a host. President stated Jim & Jennie Sauers are willing to help the hosts. B. Mounce says he will think about it and talk to his wife. President asks BOD for suggestions of names.

    • Possible United XXVII coverage of Secretarial duties (GMM & BOD Mtgs.) Looking forward volunteers. 1) Curt Weldon, 2) Carl Moon.

    • Granting Publicity/Paid Advertising Chairperson access to the ‘Official Business’ section President suggests granting access to OB section. Looking for suggestions. Chairpersons have their own area in forum. TT feels chairperson shouldn’t have access. T. Calvert agrees. Eric agrees. B. Mounce suggests keeping ideas within the group and then putting out to the public.

    Meeting adjourned at 2:09 p.m.

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