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    Hi,I pulled the below info of the Tiger list. TEAE can take the initiative for a bulk order plan! My suggestion is we put this on our forum/website and in RR. What is the interestRobert

    Chris Thompson <
    Unfortunately the bulk order left the UK. As a member of STOC I had volunteered to assist them in handling pre-orders from USA that they had received up to that point. STOC had advertised the book in their publication Cats Whiskersand website for the last year and asked folks to contact them to pre-order the book.
    By handling the pre-orders through a bulk mailing process to the
    USA we were able to get the cost of the book down to around $100
    incl postage/insurance. Graham Vickery in STOC has contacted
    Tiger clubs in USA like CAT, STOA, TIGERS EAST about
    setting up a bulk order process for their members similar to the one we set up for the pre-orders. None of the clubs have yet advertised that process in their publications/websites. Because of the weight of the book orders to USA will cost around $50 for shipping total cost around $130.
    There is no USA commercial book distributor or Tiger parts vendor selling the book. If anything changes either the publisher or STOC will let us all know. Do not contact me directly to order the book since the bulk pre-orders left England. If folks are patient I think each of the USA clubs will set up their ordering process. Dave McDermott

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