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    Hi all
    I am putting this subject here on the forum as we don’t use it enough as it is…..
    I saw the new banners with the logo at the BASH and they look great. Stu-no sign of anything barfing on the banner etc.-the logo was crisp and clear. I plan on ordering more shirts, etc. later this summer to have plenty on hand for the United. Do you want me to use this new logo? I am not sure how well the smaller parts of this logo will display when embroidered but I can ask the pros where the shirts are made as to what they think. The mulitple colors may have to be simplified as each color adds expense. If approved by the board please send me the files and I can check out the costs involved. I like the addition of the club website address to the logo!
    PS-as long as you are here at the forum, go out and post a message on it or reply to a question!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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