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    Kerch McConlogue

    TEAE – to do list

    I have compiled what I believe to be the club’s work list. I have included, as near as I can determine from the various spots on the forum, an update for each. Some are done, some are being worked, and some appear to be lost in space.

    My recommendation:
    Each owner supply an update to the area you own on this site. I will compile an update once I hear from most of you.
    At the next BOD meeting make a decision on the key items-
    – where to spend the money
    – any remaining elections process items
    – artwork approval
    – whether to buy name tags
    – others


    1. Election process revision to ensure proper elections – A. DiBattista

    2. Name recognition (banners, paid advertising, etc.) ?

    3. Marque Business plan T. Ehrhart

    4. Name Tags F. Baum

    5. Banners (taken from #2 above) T. Ehrhart

    6. Review and refine draft of WJS award ?

    7. Web Host Job description Jim D’Amelio

    8. Publicity initiative Dave Kellogg

    9. United photo DVD T. Ehrhart

    10. How to spend our money – ?

    Status as near as I can tell from the variety of locations things are discussed:

    1. Elections process

    Combined October/November edition. Then we don’t have to include it in a December issue which would be out too late to satisfy the by-laws. This gives editor time to feature the United while it’s still fresh in members’ minds and allow for an early profile/ballot edition. This could also, depending on timing, be placed in the December issue.

    This would alleviate any conflict with proper accounting and membership issues, since we have done the combined issue before.

    Profiles could be deadlined at October 15. Profiles not received would be given general description. That is to report the name of the candidate and where they live (city and state).

    I got away from the backside address thing on the ballot because it took up a page of valuable space. Giving the members the three ways to vote (electronic, fax, snail mail) should allow everyone at least one method by which to cast their ballot.

    I suggest that we do a special email to all the Electronic RR recipients containing the ballot after we publish it in the RR. We can reference the bios in the RR they get electronically. I think this additional step will get more interest from the ERR folks where not having a paper ballot would be less motivation to vote.

    2. Name recognition (banners, paid advertising, etc.) ?

    Other than for the banners I can not find an owner for this or what it really means. We will need someone to speak up on this.

    3. Marque Business plan T. Ehrhart

    Still on burner. Tom states still working but is not on original track.

    4. Name Tags F. Baum

    Two versions of artwork were proposed with some critique of both. No further discussion. General agreement to buy for list of officers and BOD but some controversy. Was to be put to vote by Anthony. Needs vote on artwork and whether to do at all.

    5. Banners (taken from #2 above) T. Ehrhart

    Agreement to make new banners for use at events. Last status was artwork was being developed by a vendor and getting ready. Not sure if artwork for banners was to be same as for name tags which has not yet been decided. BOD approved artwork. Labor intensive Vector Artwork being generated

    6. Review and refine draft of WJS award ? C. Hoffman did some work in this area and views this as done.

    Not sure what this really means. I published criteria for use in United and received no other input so I am assuming criteria is set. I have given criteria to Joe for United this year. Here is what I pulled off forum.

    Wally Swift award criteria:
    A south Jersey trophy shop designed the Wally Swift Memorial plaque and has the artwork on file. Judy Sharkey volunteered to keep record of the annual winners and secure the plaques as needed.

    Adopted by TEAE BOD, 2006

    1) The award is presented at each United to the owner of the car or cars who does the best in the Popular Vote and the Autocross, combined

    2) He/She must own the car(s) that is in the Popular Vote and must own and drive the car(s) in the autocross. The car(s) receiving the Popular Votes and car(s) being Autocrossed does not have to be the same car.

    3) The person must have been a member of TE/AE prior to the participation in the Autocross or the Popular Vote, whichever is held first.

    4) Eligible Alpines and Tigers shall possess the original engine type, i.e. Alpines: Rootes four cylinder engines, Tigers: Small block Ford Engine. Modifications are acceptable.

    5) The award is based on the combined finishing positions in the Popular Vote and Autocross events, using the finishing position (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4…) as the points assigned. The award goes to the person with the lowest total points. In the Popular Vote, the points will be determined by where the car ranks in the Most Popular Alpine or Most Popular Tiger vote. In the Autocross, it will be based on the overall finishing position of the car in the Autocross (not by class).

    6) Example: An Alpine that the person owns gets third place in the Most Popular Alpine vote. This would be three points. The person drives a Tiger that he owns to the fourth fastest overall time in the Autocross. This would be four points. His point total for the Wally Swift Award would be 7 points.

    7) If there is a tie in points, the award goes to the fastest autocross time. If there is no one meeting these criteria, the award is not made for that year.

    The award is open to the owners of Tigers and Alpines only. Tigers must have a Ford engine based on the 260-289-302 small block and Alpines must have an Alpine engine. No conversions are eligible. A person must participate in both the Autocross and the Popular Vote to be eligible.

    9) There will be a perpetual trophy and a personal trophy given to the winner. There will be one perpetual trophy that has a plaque containing all previous winners’ names and will pass from winner-to-winner at each United. The personal trophy will remain with the winner.

    10) Any criteria not covered here will be the decision of the Board and that decision will add to these criteria for future awards.

    7. Web Host Job description Jim D’Amelio

    No status given that I can find. Two different versions of who owns- one is Anthony DiBattista would contact Jim Morrison for a job description to provide to the newsletter editor for publishing. Not sure if this is a typo given the other place I could find stated J. D’Amelio owns. In any case, no status anywhere I could find.l

    8. Publicity initiative Dave Kellogg
    No status anywhere on forum.

    9. United photo DVD T. Ehrhart
    I believe this is now done

    10. How to spend our money – ?

    After a plethora of comments on spending recommending everything from doing nothing to buying a Lexus for all members, this is the final reco from Anthony.

    ) Get quality cases for the Keith Porter awards and get the awards themselves returned to like new condition to show respect for Keith and the recipient.
    2) By our new banners
    3) Advertise in a national car enthusiast’s magazine so that we appeal to other car buffs and expose our unique interests to others.
    4) Name badges for the officers, BOD, and the Regional Representatives. Did we not vote on this very issue at the United XXVII BOD meeting?
    5) Keep the rest of the cash in the bank for future asset allocations / bad times.

    In addition this was a final note on possibility for money. No further action taken since this comment was made.

    I propose that we set the ERR dues equal to the cost of the mailed RR price of $33 minus the costs savings we get by not having to print and mail them. The best info I have says it is about $.60 per issue to mail and $.25 per issue or print (the marginal cost per issue). So $.85 per issue total. Let’s say we do 11 issues per year and that gives us $9.35 per year. So I would propose a $24 per year rate for the ERR folks. This larger difference (than the current $3) between the RR and the ERR price would encourage more folks to change over and maybe a few more to join in the first place. We have always said we wanted to have more folks do the ERR and this is a way to do it that costs us nothing.

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