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    Kerch McConlogue

    I sent this email as well- but just in case I missed someone

    Board of Directors

    There are a few items we do not have costs on yet, but there are a few items where I will need to spend some money.

    I have to pay a $50 permit fee for the park where we will have our Concours. I will pay with a personal check for now but I cannot wait beyond this week to get it in or it expires. If there is an issue with this please let me know right away.

    Another problem area may be the boat cruise. I have to work that this week. The contract they sent states to pay money now. I will see if I really have to do this and if so, how much. I am assuming some type of deposit should hold the boat.

    Beyond that, it looks like our budget for known items now based on a preliminary look will be approximately:

    Trophies: $12 – $15 each approx 30 total = $450
    Dash plaques- 100 @ $1.00 = $100
    Shirts: 100 @ $15 $1500
    Banquet: approx $32/ meal + 20% service fee + tax approx $40 for 125 people = $5000
    Dinner Cruise- 125 @ $37 = $4625
    Concours lunch – 125 @ $25 = $3125 (don’t have any estimates yet- this was last year’s cost)
    Hospitality- 125 @$15 = $1875 (last year’s cost)
    Other supplies like printing, car wash, registration materials, etc. still need to be estimated.
    Autocross-no idea yet- have seen numbers like $25 each for maybe 40 people= $1000
    Publicity- maybe a few bucks if necessary for an event ad but hoping for all free

    More to follow as things get final.


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