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    I read the comments below on the forum trouble page.

    “……..everyone is hanging out over on Ian’s board. ………….ANOTHER THING IS THE NAME. …….. “Tigers East/Alpines East,” it don’t quite “jingle” off the tongue.

    It is a name which doesn’t catch, and always needs an explanation!
    As we talked about before we should consider changing to a more encompassing Rootes name.
    However since here the Sunbeam is better known than Rootes maybe something like “Sunbeam/Rootes of America” (SRA).

    “…….. ….tiger heads on the main menu…wouldn’t it look better with some Alpine snow capped mountain or something in the background? ”

    Or just the lion/dog or the complete Rootes logo.

    And also we should get more focussed on how we attract the younger owners of our cars. Isn’t that our future? Possibly SOACA success is that they cater to younger people. Younger people are probably more likely owning and working on Alpines, and not Tigers, strictly out of financial necessity.

    Just fruit for thought! Robert

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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