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    Officers and Board of Directors,

    Below I have posted my Regional Representative participation letter. I plan on sending this letter to each Regional Representative to reaffirm their commitment to TE/AE. Please review and comment. Post any issues that you feel should be added or removed. I will review your comments and then proceed. Please respond on or before 4-9-05

    Best Regards,

    Representatives Name here.
    Representatives Region

    Dear TE/AE Regional Representative,

    First, I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have given TE/AE. I’m sending this letter to all the Regional Representatives, to confirm they are still committed to helping the Officers and Board of Directors move our Organization forward. There has been in my opinion, a renewed enthusiasm and I now am asking the Regional Representatives to join in. Please help us move our club forward. I have read the by-laws and there are specific responsibilities for the position that you hold. According to our By-laws, I have listed the responsibilities that you have agreed to and are required to execute.

    1. Promote or conduct a minimum of one TE/AE event each year.
    2. Act as an Ambassador and focal point for TE/AE and the Marque
    3. Provide names of prospective members to the Membership Chairperson
    4. Contact prospective or new members when the Membership Chairperson provides information
    5. Notify the TE/AE President at least six weeks prior to conducting the event
    6. Submit to the Newsletter Editor a schedule of events, regional reports, and details of events held
    7. Have fiduciary responsibilities for all regional events

    If you have not noticed TE/AE is moving forward with many changes that will add value for our membership. I want all the Regional Representatives to feel the camaraderie, excitement, and enthusiasm that is being generated. Now you can stay in touch with the Officers and Board of Directors daily if you like at TE/AE new forum, Official Business section. I would like to personally thank you for your past efforts and I invite you to continue your position on our team.

    If you feel that you cannot execute your responsibilities according to our By-laws, I ask that you resign your position. This is a decision that you alone must make. Please notify me in writing of you intentions. I hope you will continue your efforts as TE/AE Regional Representative in your area. If this is the case and I hope it is, I would also appreciate a written commitment that you will execute your responsibilities as Regional Representative. I have spoken with the Officers and Board of Directors and collectively we feel that it would be better to have a region vacant, than just have a warm body to fill such an important role in our organization. So my question is this, will you help me in moving our club forward? I would like to know your response by May 14th, 2005.

    Best Regards,

    Anthony J. DiBattista
    President TE/AE

    Respectively Submitted,

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