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    This is taken from the Alpine club’s forum:

    Just got an email back from Rob Martel in Canada on Floor Panels. " We’ve experienced way too much grief from Sunbeam Alpine owners and do not have any interest in your project." Who pissed him off and where do I get a set of floor panels for a 63s2 without spending a fortune to remake new ones in the shop. Thanks, Mad John

    And a later message:

    Sorry guys. I guess there’s no way to let the new guy in on the bad stuff until he brings it up. Consider it over! I’ll check back to see if anybody comes up with anything else and in the mean time talk to my garage and let them know we may have to fabricate our own. Sorry and thanks again. Oh, somebody should remove Rob from the list of vendors on the TEAE sight so this doesn’t happen again. Later, Mad John

    Obviously Rob Martel chooses not to do business with Sunbeam owners.
    Over the last year I have heard many horror stories from folks attempting to do business with him.
    The reference to his company should be removed from the Vendors List on our club’s website.
    Thanks, Eric

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