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    I have a question that needs to be sorted out before I can begin working on the Rootes enthusiasts "umbrella" web page. I envision this at first as being a simple one pager with links to all known Rootes clubs, vendors, web rings and any other web pages I can find. I’ll also include notification of major events.

    Now for my question, what web address should be used for this project? Should it be a suffix of or a completely new URL? If it is a new one, it will cost the club $8.50 for the domain and $55 for the ISP each year. I believe for this to have the effect we anticipate, we should go with a new URL.

    Personally, I already own the following URL’s:





    I would be willing to use any of these for this purpose.

    If you wish to search for one yourself, go to

    We should probably discuss this further before I begin this undertaking. I just hope no one gets carried away with visions of granger.

    Jim D

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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