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    While discussing the possibility of a name change for the club, several things were mentioned that could be expanded on. We want TE/AE to be a viable, active club that is made up of enthusiastic members that get together for events; share ideas; help one another; and who are interested in bringing new blood into our fold. At first glance, it sounds like we might be right on the mark. Obviously there’s always room for improvement, but the club as a whole, I think is great and deserves congratulations.
    I’ll preface what I’m going to say next by saying I’m in favor of change (as much as I hate it) that may make our club even better, but I think things need to be kept in perspective. I don’t know the actual number of Rootes cars on the road, or ones that are restorable, but we know for sure that each year it’s diminishing because there are no new ones to replace the ones that meet their demise (RIP). We have a few young members, like my son Andy, and Anthony (he’s not my son), but for the most part, like our machines, we’re a dying breed. I really hate to say that but with the exception of a few, many of the available cars are being purchased by present Rootes owners. For these reasons, if we’ve been holding our membership around 600 for some time, then we may in fact be gaining members slightly as a percentage, in relation to the total number of Rootes cars out there. Maybe we should be counting cars. We seem to feel a need to be in competition with other clubs, but they obviously have advantages, even their locations, for those close to them. Lots of our members have multiple memberships. The car owners in our geographic areas that don’t belong to TE/AE, or aren’t aware of it, we certainly would like to welcome. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”
    I think that making TE/AE more oriented to all Rootes vehicles is certainly a good start. That has to be more than just lip service. Let’s get some more of those rare Rootes owners to share their cars and tech tips in the RR, like Robert has.
    The “Forum”, working on the electronic RR, improving our present RR, and just thinking towards the future and younger members are ways to keep our club dynamic.
    Suggestion boxes have always been a good idea for businesses. Why not have an ongoing appeal listed in the RR for our members ideas. Don”t hide it in a corner in small print. Explain the need for it and make it obvious. Any and all suggestions should be seriously reviewed in the “official business” section of the Forum.” I don’t think TE/AE is losing ground, but in fact moving forward. That for sure is all the more reason to keep at it ——- we’ve got momentum working for us.
    Please discuss your great ideas and how to make them work.

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