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    For some reason in the board meeting minutes I was erroneously credited with being against a name change. I favor a name change to broaden the membership base of an ever-accelerated shrinking of the Rootes ownership base. As time goes on, the many clubs dedicated to the Rootes vehicles will be competing harder for these members and we should be the leaders.

    When we choose a new name we should broaden our sights for the future and make sure the name includes, not excludes. For instance, the word East presently excludes half of the USA. If we were to use the word Sunbeam in our new name we would exclude many other Rootes vehicles. Our name should be self-explanatory so that Rootes owners are drawn to the club and don’t feel it is for others.

    This week-end at an all English meet, someone came up to me and asked if I belonged to that T and A or Tits and Ass, or what ever, club. Another man from Canada with Alpine Talbot said he didn’t know our club welcomed Canadians or Talbots.

    What is our plan for selecting a new name?
    · Are we going to debate the subject?
    · Are we going to have an official vote on whether we want to?
    · Are we going to develop a list of suggestions?
    . Or is there a hope that we will just kick the subject fora while
    until we forget about it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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