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    Hi all
    We keep talking about why the Alpine website and virtual club seems to be so much more active than ours.
    Here is what "Duke" posted last month on the Alpine site in reply to club president Scott Christie’s question you will see at the top of this posting.

    Originally Posted by Series3Scott
    Just had a thought as I was reviewing the above paragraph – could it be that many of the Tiger guys are looking for a new home because they too are dissatisfied? Help me understand guys.

    Dissatisfied, not yet. I have not had a Sunbeam since 1995 and am still waiting on my Tiger to be delivered, so I have not had time to get dissatisfied by any group.

    I come here much more often than TE/AE and CAT web pages due to the activity of this Forum. CAT does not have a forum and the TE/AE forum is very quiet. I am a member of TE/AE, CAT and a Gold sponsor here.

    So far, all of my "newb" questions have been answered to my satisfaction and I really enjoy the group. I also plan on attending Invasion 8 this year, I have hotel reservations.
    66 MK 1A

    So here is a TE/AE member asking all of his Tiger questions on the Alpine site because we can’t help him on ours. I have answered some of his questions on our site but I feel like a voice in the wilderness sometimes.
    And no I don’t post any Tiger stuff on the Alpine site-I keep it Alpine/Harrington. PLEASE get on the forum once in awhile and participate-or start a thread on your own. It can be a snowball effect if some good discussions get going.
    Rant over-thanks!

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