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    Kerch McConlogue

    Thought I would pass this along to the whole group-
    Our steering team will be meeting in another week for a live meeting again. Anyone in the Loveland (Cincinnati) area who is free on Sat Jan 21 at 10:00 AM is welcome to come. I am having it at my house so I can drink wine- I think better that way. I’m doing it now 🙂 We have been doing most of our work via email but it is time to get reconnected and do some more brainstorming and alignment and such. Plus we still don’t have Doug Jennings on email and I don’t want him to feel unloved 😉 He promises he is fixing the email problem.

    For the BOD – so far we only have one commitment on money. This is for a cancellation fee for the hotel banquet. This item was covered in this forum a couple months ago. the rest of the stuff will be included in a budget proposal I will float to the BOD, hopefully by mid-February or shortly thereafter. We will be getting quotes on trophies, shirts, plaques, etc right after our meeting this month. I have requests out for estimates on hospitality and have the proposal for the dinner cruise due back today (actually it is late but I gave them some grief yesterday and they promised it today). So the money items are rapidly reaching closure and we should have a good estimate shortly. I will obtain BOD approval so Anthony goes to jail instead of me if it all goes to hell.

    Good response on maybe a Thursday evening Hofbrauhaus event.That will be run outside the united budget since it will likely be just for a few hardy beer drinkers wanting to start the event off in a lively fashion. I will probably include on the form though to ensure a good estimate. I haven’t yet tested the flexibility of the site on handling a random number of people.

    For those of you waiting at the edge of your seats- I put the engine and tranny back in the Tiger last week and hope to have the front end this weekend. That car will be at the United one way or another.

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