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    Kerch McConlogue

    I am including here my recommendation on United Trophies. This includes all the input I received from all of you plus the experience from the last two Uniteds. Basic changes include dialing back several areas based on lack of participation in that class and reducing the premier class given the number of awards these cars have received. I will forward this as a final to Joe for the next United unless there is movement to otherwise. In a short while I will tell Joe to proceed with this direction and will post on the general site for public knowledge.

    Trophy Selections for Uniteds

    Concours- award based on points from judging per rules set out on TEAE website

    3 – Stock Alpine 1st – 2nd – 3rd
    3 – Stock Tiger 1st – 2nd – 3rd
    1 – Personalized Alpine 1st
    3 – Personalized Tiger 1st – 2nd – 3rd
    2 – Rare Rootes 1st – 2nd
    1 – Premiere Rootes 1st
    1 – Most Desirable Alpine 1st
    1 – Most Desirable Tiger 1st
    1 – Most Desirable Rare Rootes 1st
    1 – Most Desirable Vehicle 1st

    1 – Diamond in the Rough
    1 – Long Distance Award

    Autocross- award based on fastest time in autocross for class. Class determined by criteria on web site

    2 – Stock Alpine 1st – 2nd
    3 – Stock Tiger 1st – 2nd – 3rd
    2 – Street Prepared Tiger 1st – 2nd
    1 – Modified Alpine 1st
    1 – Modified Tiger 1st

    1- Wally Swift memorial Award (ordered by Judy Sharkey)
    2- Lord Rootes trophy- permanent – to be brought by previous recipient
    3- Keith Porter awards- permanent – to be brought by previous recipient

    Wally Swift award criteria:
    A south Jersey trophy shop designed the Wally Swift Memorial plaque and has the artwork on file. Judy Sharkey volunteered to keep record of the annual winners and secure the plaques as needed.

    Adopted by TEAE BOD, 2006

    1) The award is presented at each United to the owner of the car or cars who does the best in the Popular Vote and the Autocross, combined.

    2) He/She must own the car(s) that is in the Popular Vote and must own and drive the car(s) in the autocross. The car(s) receiving the Popular Votes and car(s) being Autocrossed does not have to be the same car.

    3) The person must have been a member of TE/AE prior to the participation in the Autocross or the Popular Vote, whichever is held first.

    4) Eligible Alpines and Tigers shall possess the original engine type, i.e. Alpines: Rootes four cylinder engines, Tigers: Small block Ford Engine. Modifications are acceptable.

    5) The award is based on the combined finishing positions in the Popular Vote and Autocross events, using the finishing position (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4…) as the points assigned. The award goes to the person with the lowest total points. In the Popular Vote, the points will be determined by where the car ranks in the Most Popular Alpine or Most Popular Tiger vote. In the Autocross, it will be based on the overall finishing position of the car in the Autocross (not by class).

    6) Example: An Alpine that the person owns gets third place in the Most Popular Alpine vote. This would be three points. The person drives a Tiger that he owns to the fourth fastest overall time in the Autocross. This would be four points. His point total for the Wally Swift Award would be 7 points.

    7) If there is a tie in points, the award goes to the fastest autocross time. If there is no one meeting these criteria, the award is not made for that year.

    8) The award is open to the owners of Tigers and Alpines only. Tigers must have a Ford engine based on the 260-289-302 small block and Alpines must have an Alpine engine. No conversions are eligible. A person must participate in both the Autocross and the Popular Vote to be eligible.

    9) There will be a perpetual trophy and a personal trophy given to the winner. There will be one perpetual trophy that has a plaque containing all previous winners’ names and will pass from winner-to-winner at each United. The personal trophy will remain with the winner.

    10) Any criteria not covered here will be the decision of the Board and that decision will add to these criteria for future awards.

    Keith Porter Awards Criteria:

    Tiger – Awarded to the person with the fastest Autocross time (Not Class win).

    Car requirements – Tiger with Small block naturally aspirated Ford V8 (under 352 Cubic Inches) Driver must own car

    Alpine –Awarded to the person with the fastest Autocross time (Not class win).

    Car requirements – Alpine with a naturally aspirated sunbeam 4 cylinder (under 1800 Cubic Centimeters) Driver must own car.

    Lord Rootes Award Criteria:

    Recipient determined by the previous 5 winners of the Lord Rootes Trophy. Presented to a member who has made significant contributions to TE/AE and the Marque during their time of membership. This award is considered to be the club’s highest honor since it is bestowed by peers and is recognition of commitment and service to others.

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