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    Kerch McConlogue

    We had a great time up in Alexandria Bay during United XXV. My first United in several years. Now it is time to begin planning for United XXVI.

    I needed some motivation to get my Tiger off it’s jack stands and back on the road so I agreed to lead the planning for United XXVI. Our current thought is to have the United in the Greater Cincinnati area – I say Greater Cincinnati since some of the greater areas are in Kentucky and Indiana : ) Several folks in the area have already offered help and ideas, and the beginning stages of a plan are being made. I am just waiting for the holidays to be over and we’ll kick into high gear.

    If anyone wants to get involved in any way, or offer up ideas, by all means write to me through the forum or private email. Either way is OK. As we get into it I will post ideas and questions so we get as much input as possible. I already have a list of ideas and will post shortly.

    As to timing, we are thinking of mid September to mid October. So hold that time period. We will lock it down as soon as possible. Keys will be when we can link up the Autocross and hotels. Fortunately Cincinnati has a very active autocross club and many hotels. We will have to decide to avoid the October fests that go on here, or try to actually link up with them. Decisions, decisions.

    By the way, one of the key ideas I had was, if I don’t get my car done, we could have a tech session where everyone comes over and helps put it back together. Let me know what you think. 😆

    Anyway, I will be writing frequently as we get into the planning. Let me know your thoughts.

    Curt Hoffman (Kelsonhoff)

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