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    The system is in place for a Web based RR and I propose that we move forward on it. It is the right thing to do in today’s times but we must continue the hard-copy system as well.

    Operationally, I see it working like this:

    1) The printer sends me a PDF of the RR every month as soon as it is available. If we can get these in color, so much the better.

    2) I upload it to our teae.org server and send out the emails to those who have chosen that method of receiving their RR. I have set it up so that the emails are all done automatically out of the database. These people will not receive a hard-copy of the RR.

    3) Those that do not sign up for the web based RR have no change.

    I suggest this roll-out method:

    A) I will send an email to everyone that has an email address with us telling them of the new option with pricing and all. I will then send them a test email like the one you all got showing them what it will be like. If they like the system, they can email me back and I will sign them up for the web based RR.

    I suggest this pricing:

    i) The Web based RR will be $29 for one year for US and International and $52 for two years. This saves the member $4 (US) and $7 (Intl) per year for dues. Not having to print and mail an RR saves us (based on quotes that Fred presented) $0.25 per copy printing costs and $0.60(US) or $0.85(Canada) mailing costs. So for 11 issues, that saves the club $9.35 per member that signs up. So we net at least $5.35 per member that signs up. 100 sign-ups yields $535.

    ii) Members signing up for the web based RR who have 6 – 10 months left on the membership will get a one month extension, 7 – 15 months will get a two month extension and 16 – 24 months remaining will get a three month extension.

    Let me know what you think.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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