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    I have been reading the dialog about the forum and how to attract more users, especially new users.

    You wanted it on the website for further discussion, so here it is.

    First, we need to define what we are talking about. I read the e-mails about forum traffic, but I think website traffic is more what we need. Once people access the website they will gravitate to the forum section and all its advantages.

    I personally go on the website at least twice a day most days. I look for all the categories that have new postings first, then I may go to others that I don’t remember accessing for a while (my two gray cells don’t retain much information). There are some topics that have had no activity in quite some time, such as the Chairperson’s corner (last post in April). Though a good idea at the time, maybe we need to eliminate these topics. If there is no activity, why not use the space for more pertinent topics?

    The for sale/wanted topic will always be of a cyclical nature, given the time of year. But many people, including our own members, place items on eBay and not on line or in the newsletter. Why?, because of a broader base of exposure. We can’t compete with the eBay population in this area, nor can any other organization. But, as members, we can also use the website and the newsletter to sell our items. We should do this without a second thought.

    The real question, however, is how to get more people interested. What do the other sites do that we don’t? Is it all word of mouth information about their sites, or do they advertise in places other than their newsletter?

    Exposure inside and outside the club is what we are missing. We have blurbs in the newsletter, in colored boxes no less. Maybe placing a small ad in some of the magazines such as Classic Motorsport, Hemmings, Grassroots Motorsports, etc. would help our recognition dilemma. Cost is a factor, but I have always found that you have to spend money to make money. How prudently you spend it is the difference.

    The changes to the website with access to the additional information such as the service bulletins are great. Locking them so no one can change them but can still have access is also a good idea.

    The Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club, in England, places a great deal of emphasis on the history of the Tiger. They do this through their magazine that is sent to their members, and, though I do not have access to it, I’m sure the same applies to their website. Maybe we should have more activity in ALL the Rootes Group vehicles with respect to their history.

    The historian position could be a valuable asset in this area. This person could post interesting history tidbits about all Rootes vehicles, maybe giving us a leg up on the other websites.

    Just the ramblings of your two gray-celled editor.


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