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  • in reply to: BOD Vote on United XXXV 2016 Proposal #21347

    I tried to vote yes for the Atlanta proposal.

    Unfortunately the vote closed at 7:49 PM.

    I am still in favor of the proposal.

    Tom Calvert

    in reply to: New Banners #20705

    Folks, with all due respect, repetition of the same reasons by the same vocal people does not convince me to change my proposal or thinking.

    The banners should reflect reality.

    I want to reiterate that I am neither for or against RA at this point. Various incantations of the RA concept have been put forth several times over several decades without gaining traction. I agree marketing is needed for the concept to succeed. I think articulating the concept in a broader forum and soliciting broad membership input/support is the best marketing strategy. A soft statement on the banners is not the level of marketing required to have the concept gain wide acceptance. The banners are only seen by a small segment of the general Rootes population.

    It has been pointed out several times that the banners are relatively inexpensive. We should move forward with the proposal on the table and acquire revised banners when broader support for RA is established.

    Tom Calvert

    in reply to: New Banners #20691

    Dave’s suggested wording is getting closer to acceptable by me. But as Robert pointed out that brings us right back to where this started. At this point Rootes America is not well enough defined for me personally to say if it is supported or sponsored.

    I suggest that we move ahead with the design proposed in my motion, seconded by Steve, which TT said he supports. We need to get some banners in hand.

    I also suggest that the proponents of Rootes America write an article for the club newsletter, open a topic on the general membership forum and invite the general membership to join in the discussion so that we can get input from the members at large instead of only kicking it around amongst those with access to the official business forum.

    Taking that action will help mature the idea/concept and provide a reference document for those not passionately involved.

    If the idea develops a broader base of support, we can purchase additional banners as appropriate.

    Tom Calvert

    in reply to: New Banners #20664

    I suggest we use the same logo as used at the top of the newsletter mailing page (back page of the newsletter).

    It incorporates the elements of TT’s current proposal and includes the replica of the Sunbeam Rootes Group badge.

    Tom C.


    in reply to: New Banners #20651

    Please elaborate on who the consensus consists of. Thanks for the general outline of your concept.
    I would appreciate specific responses to the questions I posed above.
    I commend you on your persistence, you have championed the idea for 20 or 25 years with very little buy in from other clubs.
    On the lighter side, are you going to change your handle from TT to RAT?
    Tom C.

    in reply to: New Banners #20645

    Has the promised write up for Rootes America been provided? If so, please let me know where to find it.

    We are supposed to be buying club banners. Rootes America exists in name only and that name (on the internet) was purchased by TEAE. I am not for or against Rootes America at this point since it is undefined.

    The phrase "domain" is not a connotation of dominance to me, it is just a term for the internet address structure. However, I believe the anti TEAE contingent do not see that in a positive light.

    Our club is TE/AE. If a Rootes America organization is to be established, let the proponents of that concept use their resources for that purpose.

    TEAE resources should be used to strengthen and promote TEAE. Examples are Judy’s efforts in developing prestigious awards for car models other than Alpines and Tigers and making sure that the existing awards are as inclusive as possible.

    I am opposed to putting Rootes America on TEAE banners.

    I am all for encouraging owners of all Rootes cars to participate in TEAE activities. TEAE clearly states the same in the Articles of Incorporation and our current logos on roster, website and newsletter. We should use our resources to that end and not on a name change or an attempt to establish an American council of clubs, regions or whatever.

    Tom Calvert

    in reply to: Keith Porter and Wally J. Swift Awards Criteria #20005

    Robert and Steve, What are your suggestions for changes to the award criteria?

    Regarding engine conversions, Wally demonstrated time and again that the 1725 Alpine is a superior autocross vehicle compared to a Tiger.

    Neither award was intended to be based solely on autocross performance. That is covered by FTD and class awards.

    Tom C.

    in reply to: Keith Porter and Wally J. Swift Awards Criteria #20004

    I second Tiger Tom’s motion.

    Tom Calvert

    in reply to: Help with Starter #19955

    The Tiger manual shift flywheel is smaller in diameter than the manual shift flywheel normally used on other Ford powered cars (nominally an inch). The ring gear is not shrouded by the clutch surface of the flywheel. The larger diameter flywheel clutch surface overhangs the ring gear, mandating less throw (offset) on the starter. The Tiger starter throw is the same as used with the C4 automatic. The Tiger flywheel is about ten pounds lighter than the larger more typical flywheel. Tom

    in reply to: #16735


    I do not have direct experience with the Milodon pump.

    However the 260 and early 289 used the same water pump. I am sure the pump will physically bolt up, but the bosses on the pump for acessories may be different.

    Don’t forget to press the fan mounting flange back to the correct dimension so that the belt pulleys line up properly.

    in reply to: 2007-2008 Capitol allocation to strengthen TE/AE assets. #16734

    I sent an email to Judy, but I will put the same comments here.

    I agree with Curt. I want to know what the IRS rules are.

    TE/AE has an obligation to fill the subscriptions we have collected money for. I think we can certainly justify having the money on hand required to do that. As a minimum we should keep that amount in the bank.

    One could argue that we "owe" on average, a years worth of newsletters at any given time. As an example at $1200 x 12 months = $14,400

    Sorry, but I do not remember the actual newsletter costs.

    in reply to: TE/AE’s first BOD meeting Saturday July 28th #16297


    I am planning to attend in person. If something changes, I will call in.

    in reply to: BOD meeting #15663

    I can call in on Saturday at 1330.

    Please let me know the number.

    My cell phone is:

    in reply to: SOS event for April 28-30 at Road Atlanta Walter Mitty #15451


    Try contacting Paul Sheahan for TAC support. He is a senior inspector in the Charlotte area.

    You will need a senior inspector and two regular inspectors to have a TAC party.

    Did Steve get back to you?

    in reply to: #15450

    Fred and George,

    Curt and I have discussed having a TAC session at the United and one is planned. I do not know the specific time/s yet.

    I will be at the United and I have a commitment from one other inspector at this point. I will need at least one more inspector, but I do not think that will be a problem.

    I believe Curt is planning to advertise the TAC session after he gets more details nailed down.

    Tom Calvert

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