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    Hi George,
    All my rear-ends are of S2-4 Alpines. They are standing up, so the lower wheel can not rotate. Then I turned the upper wheel 1 revolution and checked the upper wheel, it turned twice, one turned even more, the others turned less then 2 revs. From this my guess it that most are 3.89 or 4.22. Not your 3.70?
    Does this make sense. Let me know If this sounds right, I would love to help you and get rid of all these parts. I hate scrapping all this. Robert

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    I have about 10 rear-ends of Series Alpines 4-5. If you can use one, let me know by pm. Robert

    in reply to: Rims and tyres #22239

    Panasports 15"work well and I have no interferences. Robert

    in reply to: forum support transfer #22140

    Our forum has a few categories which have not been used for 6 or 7 years,
    "Intro to the forum" and Rusty Rootes""
    With all good intentions at the time, it looks now very STALE to newcomers, and me!
    Can we remove these, or replace them with more currrent info. Like SAOCA has a category for sale on EBay, Craigslist or local ads, etc.

    in reply to: This week in Rootes History – May 2005 #21970

    Eric, This is wonderful to see what is happening in Iran, and the history of Paykan. That’s why I still have gasket sets in packaging of Paykan.

    in reply to: A bittersweet introduction #21839

    Hi Bill,
    Sorry to hear about Jon’s passing. I met him a few times and we corresponded several times about some Humbers he used to have. I’m sure some members of TEAE or the club can come up with a proposal to get all of Jon’s cars and parts to find good homes. Not knowing in how much of a hurry you are, maybe it is possible to have a plan before the United, and act during the United? That’s September 21-24. Good luck and keep us posted.

    in reply to: Rick McLeod #21642

    Anybody knows how Rick is doing now? Robert

    in reply to: Hello from Down Under #21578

    Well there is one for sale on EBay at this moment, but the bidding is slow. Finally up to $51 from $0.99! Robert
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Sunbeam-Fu … 42?vxp=mtr

    in reply to: David Duncanson – Sad News #21531

    Thanks, although sad news. Imet David somewhere, but do not recall exactly where and how. Did he ever attend a United?

    in reply to: TACing of vehicles #21519

    If nothing more they should the regular TAC fee, with at least additional a minimum of a one years memberships fee.
    To me it could be even the event registration fee. That’s more than fair for TEAE.
    There should be something in it for the club!

    in reply to: Ed Esslinger #21419

    Always a joke and a smile. Made any hospilality room zing at the Uniteds. We will miss you indeed Ed.

    in reply to: Eric Gibeaut #21273

    Pam, Thank you so much. Please let us know when he is released and on the way home. Robert

    in reply to: Water Temp Gauge #21251

    Good to read that you solved the problem on the Gazelle.
    I didn’t follow this dicussion earlier, but now have a question for Eric:
    What is the excact difference between the Moss and SS voltage stabilizers? I have used the Moss one without a problem (at not yet a problem?).

    in reply to: Gingerman SCCA Majors report #21208

    Thanks for the update and keeping us all in the loop! Robert

    in reply to: Response to Robert Jaarsma’s Donation Letter #21204

    I agree with both comments I received below. Any others? So we can let Tod know what to put in RR newsletter. Robert

    Barb had more comments:
    I agree we need more time to look at this from all angles, so am in favor of Robert’s suggestion below. Can I tweak it a little?

    “We have received a letter from member Robert Austin, in response to the letter of Robert Jaarsma. Bob makes very thoughtful comments in the best interest of our club, and has raised some questions as to the tax deductibility of any gifts. Thanks Bob for your input and guidance!
    We will do more research on this subject and determine the best way it can serve TEAE. We appreciate the information and will address this subject in the newsletter again ASAP.
    That’s my two cents worth. I just wouldn’t use the term "stir the pot". Thanks!! Barb

    Response by TT:
    First, it is possible to donate assets to a 501c7 organization. But it must be managed within strict guidelines for membership and operating cost standards. Proceeds from profits can support community service. The bulk or most assets must be in support of the organization and it’s members. Physical donations should be appraised by a certified appraiser.

    I am working with the Studebaker club with just such a situation. We have a raffle car and take in $40K alone on tickets. We also have an annual event that is operating at about a $2K deficit. We donate the profits to educational charities. Our leaders are all volunteers like TEAE. We have considerable advertising and operational costs that allow us to be the most prominent and recognized Studebaker club in the world. We are the Keystone Region SDC.

    That said, it would be great if we had benevolent donations like Robert suggested. A source of income of any size will afford us opportunities to grow. Be it advertising, promotion, operations, etc. A raffle car would be great way to bring recognition to the marque, produce income and more importantly cause more club interactivity.

    Why not promote this concept? TT

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