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    Our family Mark I is being restored in Denver and about the only part that has withstood the years are the stainless steel mufflers I bought about 20 years ago from Victoria British. They still sparkle and the sound is acceptable although not aggressive.
    Jim Anderson

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    I would like to ask why this web site does not reflect the fact that at least five people have signed up for the Board of Directors vacancies and give our members come time to think about who we are going to vote for.
    It would be an ideal way for our members — at least some of those who are on the internet — to discuss why they are running for office.
    Jim Anderson

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    Hi Fred,
    Thanks, I’ll try that. Last time it happened, at Tom Calvert’s Crabfest, Bob Sharkey supplied a spare which got me home. But that had nothing to do with my vote on the Lord Rootes trophy!
    Jim Anderson

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    I’m no expert, as many can testify, but I have an Alpine and had a Tiger for 35 years (now in my son’s hands). The fuel gauge sounds like a bad ground, which is endemic in Sunbeams, especially those which have been repainted (sand from the paint preparation interferes with the current).
    As to the lop-sided business with the front wheels, that doesn’t sound normal either. Are you measuring from the body work? If so that’s meaningless.
    Jim Anderson

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    Hi Frank,
    I think your name and reputation have scared the usurpers away. Thank you. I am still unclear: is “Sunbeam” (without the Alpine or Tiger) a registered trademark?
    Jim Anderson

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    As I’ve said before, I’m not a BOD member but I would like to attend. Carlotta amd I are arriving late Friday. I think we have some important issues to discuss, like the trademark and the shrinking membership and the shrinking support for the Rootes Review.
    Jim Anderson

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    Stu brings up a very complex issue, whether members require or want a monthly newsletter.
    my thoughts:
    As a former editor, I had the impression that older members (that means older than me and I am 76) expected and complained when the monthly issue did not arrive on schedule. That’s why I always nagged our printer to get it out, even though as a tiny account we came to the end of the queue in the printing department.
    I am also a member of SAOCA and its publication “The Alpine Marque” arrives irregularily, sometimes a four-month lapse and then two issues in the same month. I hear that the organization is not doing well and may fold.
    My sense is that a regular monthly newsletter for a club like ours is an important attraction for older, non-internet-connected members. They may not wait at the mailbox for it but they know when it does not arrive.
    If we go to an all internet version we will save printing and postage money but will lose members and their dues. That leads to the important question: Who are we?
    Jim Anderson

    in reply to: BOD Meeting Minutes 7/9/05 #14499

    Let’s see,
    Monthly RR printing costs are $1,241 and mailing costs are $341.54. and this adds up to $7,584.54? I will personally contribute a hand-held calculator if this is the way things are calculated.
    🙄 Jim Anderson

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    As I understand it , Rob Guerra and SS have taken the lead in fighting what appears to be a form of extortion in the trademark business.
    Jim Anderson

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    Anthony and others,
    The reply time to oppose trademark ownership is limited. Time is of the essence. We have to get cracking, both on-line and in the Rootes Review.
    Jim Anderson

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    Just asking: should there not be a separate forum category for coming events such as the Chesapeake Annual Crab Feast?
    Jim Anderson

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    I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the board of directors, but….we did an estimate of the number of members in 2004 who are computer-connected and we came up with a figure of about 50 percent (derived from the number of subscribers who had e-mail addresses).
    Also, please note that the club’s balance has held pretty steady for the past year once we dropped the intserts.
    Jim Anderson

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    Hi Eric,
    Fred Baum is now the man. He has a new e-mail address devoted to club issues. He is now, I believe, hard at work on the June issue and I have pledged to help him. I don’t have the new address at hand but if you send it to his old address or mine, I will see he gets it.
    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Free at last,
    Jim Anderson

    in reply to: Fred Baum’s email address/assumption of duties #14329

    Hi Eric and all,
    I hesitate, always, to contradict Tiger Tom, but he is right that Fred Baum is now officially editor. The changeover took place in the parking lot at the BASH when I handed over about 25 pounds and three feet of files to him.
    To correct Tom: Fred’s Rootes Review e-mail address (he has another one for his real life) is: WHIZZZBANG3@CS.com. That’s three “Z’s.
    I have promised to work with him to ease the transition, but I think he’s going to do fine. Among other things, he has saved every Rootes Review he ever received.
    Jim Anderson

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    That can’t be Wally’s Alpine. I think he would have never had a French national identity sign on it, plus the two exhaust pipes look suspiciously like a Tiger. His Maryland tag, which is still on his red Tiger in the possession of Helen and son, is WJS.
    Jim Anderson

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