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    Steve, the chassis code list didn’t list build dates. I checked my Book of Norman and the Jensen date for your Tiger is 4/29/65. The paint code is 86. All other info like gearbox and trans number was withheld. Thats how the book lists stuff. Hope this helps.

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    The Chairperson’s Corner was set up so the Chair of the upcoming United could post update to the Board without the entire community seeing the communications or granting him access to the Official Business category.

    in reply to: Nice look to the forum #17790

    I can’t take the credit for this. Eric Smyder has taken over the Forum. Look for some great changes in the future.

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    Eric S sent me an email that really demonstrated their enthusiasm in developing our website. I will need the Boards approval before I provide them with the password to the server.

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    I spoke to Kerch at the United, but not to Eric S. That’s why I asked if Eric was interested. I believe if Eric and Kersh team up it might be a good thing.

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    No ones contacted me about it since the United. Does anyone know if Eric S is willing to take it over?

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    Yeah, but don’t forget Bil Haley’s 59 Rapier is missing from that picture. We had quite the turn out of Rare Rootes. I sat in the back seat of Bil’s Rapier going to dinner one night. Just made me wonder when the last time that back seat had been sat in.

    in reply to: Topic discussion for BOD meeting to be held at United XXVIII #17558

    In response to Curt’s #7 above for Webmaster qualifications.

    An understanding of the following would be the minimum skills needed for a Webmaster:

    HTML Editor: FrontPage, Dreamweaver or HomeSite etc.


    Basic PHP knowledge

    Preferred skills would include:



    CSS – Cascading Style Sheets


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    Hi Beverly,

    I’ve posted the picture of Hyacinth to the members gallery section of the website.

    Again, welcome to the club.

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    I haven’t got mine…was I suppose to get one?

    in reply to: Removing vendor’s name from TE/AE website #17305

    Rob Martel has been removed from the Vendor page on the website.

    My take on this is he was so expensive Alpine owners didn’t want to pay his prices. He only wanted to cater to deep pockets. Guess there wasn’t enough of them to go around.

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    If I delete posts the post count of the person who posted will decrease. Haven’t been able to get the mod working to fix that.

    The event posts are listed from newest to oldest. There is only one event listed for 2008 and that’s in England. Guess whoever is putting on the BASH needs to post it on the Forum.

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    Geez Fred, sorry to hear that. Glad you’re okay.

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    Here they are.

    in reply to: Work List / Buy List #17012

    To post pictures to the forum they have to be uploaded to a web site first. Something like Yahoo pictures or whatever it’s called. Then you click on the "Img" button under the subject line of your new message and past the url then click on the "Img" once again. Or just send them to me.

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