Replacement banners

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Tom Ehrhart has proposed a 2×10 banner design replicating the logo presented as the mast head at Eliminate the phrase “a domain of” and incorporate the phrase “Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all Rootes Group Vehicles” under the Rootes America logo. This was seconded by Judy Sharkey.

Not passed

June 17, 2014

Here is the motion:

I suggest we use the same logo as used at the top of the newsletter mailing page (back page of the newsletter).

It incorporates the elements of TT’s current proposal and includes the replica of the Sunbeam Rootes Group badge.

Tom C

Not approved


Hi Pam,
I’d like to go ahead with one more proposal for a vote.
I would like to make a proposal to word the banner “TE/AE, supporters of Rootes America”. The “supporters of Rootes America” can be in a smaller font with the main banner emphasis on our club name.
Would someone care to second the proposal.


I do not believe this should be tabled until the United for several reasons: (1)This has dragged out long enough; (2)At any given United we do not have all 7 board members present; (3) Nor do we have a good cross-section representation of the TE/AE members. It is far too easy to “stack the deck” for certain topics/points of view.


June 25, 2014


Let me get this straight, you want to use TE/AE on the banner and not Tigers East/ Alpines East? If this is correct we are really diminishing the club’s identity. So please be very specific in your motion. When we have another vote I hope it can be one that can be agreed upon.


You make very valid points. With some of us going to SUNI and Tiger 50 in the next few days, I don’t see a timely conclusion. I will wait to see what happens. Maybe a conference call with those BOD not attending the United at the time of the BOD meeting should be considered. The BOD meeting is planned for 3-5PM EST on Friday September 12th.


July 15, 2014

My motion is to have our club logo on the banner and to include the line “Supporting Rootes America”


Hi Eric,

Yes, you are right to add the internet addresses. I agree they should be on the banner.


I second the motion to proceed with the second banner design submitted by Dave Reina and to include the internet addresses of TE/AE and Rootes America on it.

Eric Gibeaut

You will have 7 days to cast your vote.

Pam J

July 22 2014

This 3rd vote on a banner has passed 5 votes to 1.

Joe, now that I think we know what we want on the banner and the size, can you again check what the pricing will be and what information and in what format that information needs to be in so we can order the banners.

Thanks, Pam