Rootes Historical Preservation Award

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Pam Jeffers

this is the mission statement that is talked about in the BOD minutes. Please give your comments. Send them to Judy Sharkey or post here.

Rootes Historical Preservation Award
Since its founding, Tigers East/Alpines East has been dedicated to the preservation, restoration and maintenance of all Rootes Group Automobiles. Historical Preservation vehicles, by emphasizing originality over restoration, represent the very history of the Rootes Group. This award allows the club to recognize Rootes vehicles which remain predominantly original and recognize the owners who wish to maintain and display their vehicles in their “as delivered” condition.
Vehicles considered for the Historical Preservation Award are not point judged in the class sense of Concours judging. They compete against a standard rather than against each other.
It is important to note that while encouraging the preservation of our cars we do not mean them to be idle. These cars were meant to be driven and enjoyed. With this in mind, a bonus of 20 points will be awarded to cars that were driven to the United/or driven a minimum of 20 miles while participating in the United events prior to that years’ Judging.


” and enjoyment of all Rootes Group vehicles”

Fred Baum (9-5-2015)

I like it. Fred’s correct… always. It should be vehicles.

TT (9-5-15)

The phrase we have used for many years at the top of the newsletter is:

“Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all Rootes Group vehicles”

When I came up with the phrase I considered “maintenance” to be part of the preservation and restoration terms.

Fred Baum (9-6-2015)

I recently found this article on how three premier marques handle the question of originality and the awards associated with it. As we move forward on this award, this information might offer useful criteria for our Preservation Award.

Jim Lindner (10-9-2015)

Great article. Interesting perspective. Not mentioned are who or how “standards” are qualified or certified. This applies to standards or comparative judging. We have the same issues in the Beam world. There are many experts who think they know what original “is” based on unsubstantiated info. Clocks, ammeters, upholstery, Sq vs rd corner doors, carpet, etc. come to mind. There are few absolutes.

TT (10-10-2015)

If anyone deserves this award it is Jim and Jenny Sauers. They are the ORIGINAL owners of a completely unmolested Tiger. Their car could be the standard by which all others are measued.

Fred Baum (10-10-2015)