Conversation about RACT

Meeting with Andy Bye from Rootes Archive Centre

Video Conference Meeting was called to order by President Jim Lindner on November 21, 2020 at 2:06pm

Following Board Members were present: Tom Calvert, Tom Ehrhart, Joe McConlogue, Barb Geschke

Eric Gibeaut offered his proxy for any voting to Barb Geschke

Also present: President Jim Linder, Treasurer Rob Harter, and Secretary Kerch McConlogue and Andy Bye of the Rootes Archive Centre.

Regional Reps: Gary Corbett, Ron Stein, Tom Matowitz and Brian Marks

Andy Bye gave a report of the status of the Rootes Archive Center including plans for the future of the building, the documents, and a bit about the website.

Five years ago a building was purchased for 180K£. At this time about 6.5K£ remains to be paid off. Going forward there will be an annual operating cost of about 4K£.

The museum has received several national awards for excellence.

There was discussion about what sorts of activities volunteers are currently undertaking.

There is concern about Archive Center liability issues for drawings released into the wild, so drawings will only be released to clubs.

Attached is the correspondence between Andy and TEAE as well as the questions and answers posed regarding what RAC is requesting, what the club supporter program involves and our questions to him.

After Andy left, it was moved, seconded that TEAE should be a participating club in the Rootes Archive with a donation of $1200 made before the end of this year.

There was some conversation about where that money should come from. Perhaps we should publish one fewer RootesReviews next year. No decision was made on that.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Kerch McConlogue

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  1. Decision was made to discontinue one newsletter next year. But a suggestion was made to do only electronic for that month. TT

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