New SW Regional Rep

Cliff Morgan volunteered to be Southwest Regional Rep. It was moved, seconded and passed by the Board to accept him for the job.


Joe McConlogue noted: One of the problems with the new regions is that we don’t know everyone in the club. I’ve never met Cliff either, just email correspondence. I’ve attached the email string I had with him so you can get a flavor.  According to his profile on the website he has a MkI Tiger.  He is member #3201 so a relatively recent member.  Southwest is a very large region with only a few members so getting anyone to step up is great news. My sense is that we have to take a chance.

Hi Joe, thanks for your  e-mail, I think.  Let me say that I really enjoy TEAE and the way it’s run and every one that contributes.  Although I live a long distance from the activities, I do get a great deal out of my membership.   On being a Representative, I have some reservations.  If I didn’t, when I mentioned your email to my wife, , she made short work of reminding me of my short comings with regard to my irresponsibilities, shyness and difficulty we have had in just attending breakfast meetings with the local British  car club that we belong. Wasn’t expecting that, ha.  My first concern is the one event per year.  Like some other regions, the SW is very large, and with just a few members.  But maybe I am not being creative.  

One possibility might be to have a group email communication with region members in order to talk about what projects were doing , etc.  Hopefully the members would want to have that type of relationship, but who knows.  I would be willing to give it a try about being the SW Representative, but continuing would depend on the response of the regional members.  What do you think?  Cliff

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