Board meeting to discuss cancellation of United 39

Video Conference Meeting was called to order by President Jim Lindner on May 30, 2020 at 2:04pm

Following Board Members were present: Sy Block, Tom Calvert, Eric Gibeaut, David Reina, Tom Ehrhart, Joe McConlogue, Barb Geschke

Also present: President Jim Linder, Vice President Gary Holman, Treasurer Rob Harter, and Secretary Kerch McConlogue

Regional Reps: Joe Parlanti, Gary Corbett, Tom Hillmann, David Kellogg-Achin, Chuck Vegazo, Bill Bulpitt, Joe Montcalvo, Ron Stein

Jim presented a complete review of the situation regarding the United 39 scheduled for August 2020 in Greensville, NC. (slide 3 in the deck linked below.)

CDC and North Carolina still have recommended restrictions on large gatherings.

Our own survey showed the following:

Did you plan to attend?Will you if conditions improve?
yes129 (41.9%)86 (27.9%)
no175 (57.1%)213 (62.2%)

Additional considerations in the conversation were regarding over night stays for people in transit to the event, as well as participants not feeling like they’re having a good time if there aren’t enough people in the facility

Regarding the Hotel’s Performance Clause: The performance of the Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, war, government regulations, or natural disaster making it illegal or impossible to provide facilities to hold the conference. Therefore, this agreement maybe terminated for any one or more of the above reasons….

This clause should provide us firm ground to cancel w/o penalty OR any requirement to rebook in 2022.

There was conversation about the state of the SUNI planned for 2021.If that were to be postponed to 2022, we would be bound by agreement with other clubs not to have a competing event in that year.

A motion was made and seconded to cancel the 2020 United. It passed by unanimous vote.

Additionally, it is noted that the board’s position that in canceling this event, we throw all support into SUNI in 2021. And that we not reschedule 2022 United in North Carolina, but rather a location in Canada.

Jim will contact the Hotel on Tuesday to work out the details of this cancellation.  He’ll email the leadership with a report in the coming days.

Thanks were extended to Jim Lindner for his objective and balanced overview of the situation as well as the work he’s done in planning the event. Additionally, we extend thanks to the hotel for working with us during this difficult time.

Treasurer, Rob Harter will begin processing refunds to people who have registered for the event.

There was additional conversation about the possibility of some kind of virtual event. But not details were fleshed out.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:38 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Kerch McConlogue

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