Board Meeting to discuss SUNI profit and loss sharing

Video Conference Meeting was called to order by President Jim Lindner on June 20, 2020 at 3:02pm.

Board Members were present: Sy Block, Tom Calvert, Eric Gibeaut, David Reina, Tom Ehrhart, Joe McConlogue, Barb Geschke

Also present: President Jim Linder, Vice President Gary Holman, Treasurer Rob Harter, and Secretary Kerch McConlogue and SUNI rep. Joe Parlanti

President Jim Lindner presented the proposal of the SUNI “Steering Committee” outlining the profit and loss sharing the six Sunbeam clubs.

Regarding income from the event:

  • SUNI fund covers all up-front payments, deposits and event expenses and is reimbursed from event income 
  • Any remaining profit is divided among the participating clubs according to number of attendees from each club.
  • Based on survey results TEAE could potentially receive 40-50% of any profits

Regarding losses from the event:

  1. Losses due to operating expenses (food and beverage, tours, travel for VIP guests, autocross, event administration) will be covered entirely by the SUNI fund held for the purpose by Buck Tripple at the bequest of Max Pahmeier.
  2. Penalty for unused hotel rooms short of required number will be shared by the participating clubs based on the number of paid members of each club. The TEAE share in this is approximately 35% (assuming all six of the clubs agree to participate in the risk and reward) (See example of fee in the PDF of the slides from the meeting). TEAE risk could be in the range of up to about $2000.

In discussion:

The hotel is less than 30 miles from Kansas City so additional hotels would be available if there is an over sale of rooms.

Historical point: Tom Ehrhart reported that in the beginning each of the participating clubs kicked in $2 per paid member to cover the initial costs for the setup of the event.  Because of the existence of the SUNI fund, (approximately $21,000) this is not necessary.

Motion: TEAE accept the SUNI proposal as presented regarding the profit and loss of the event. Moved, seconded, and passed unanimously

Motion: Execution of the SUNI should be accomplished with the oversite by board of directors made up of a representative of each club. There was no second for the motion but there was much discussion.

In discussion, Jim pointed out that representation by he and Joe Parlanti has been ongoing for the past year plus. He expects that to continue.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:08 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Kerch McConlogue

2 thoughts on “Board Meeting to discuss SUNI profit and loss sharing”

  1. Jim Lindner’s reply to the SUNI group on behalf of TEAE

    The TEAE board just finished its video conference and I am please to announce TEAE has approved the SUNI Profit/Loss sharing arrangement informally agreed upon by the club reps at our last meeting.

    As we move forward I suggest we have regular meetings (frequency to be determined) so the clubs remain active participants in the planning and oversight of this event. We should begin thinking about chairpersons for the different activities (autocross, concours, registration, hospitality and parts room etc) so Claudia and Buck do not wind up bearing all the burdens. If I recall, after one of our earlier meetings Mike proposed a list of the positions we might need.

    A big thanks to Claudia…and Buck for all their work and their vision to create a special event.

    Jim Lindner

  2. I have one comment, and I assume it was discussed, but many TEAE members, like me, are also members of other clubs participating in SUNI, so I presume each club will claim their member as their own, which will effectively split the cost/profit allocation per member 2, 3 or more ways. That means the total number of participants will show as more than actually attended but the percentages will work out. Ron

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