Semi Annual Board Meeting: July 31, 2021

Video Conference Meeting was called to order by President Jim Lindner on July 31, at 3:06pm

Following Board Members were present: Tom Calvert, Tom Ehrhart, Joe McConlogue, Barb Geschke, Sy Block, Eric Gibeaut, Dave Reina

Also present: President Jim Linder, Vice President Gary Holman, and Secretary Kerch McConlogue

Regional Reps present: Gary Corbett, Tom Hillmann, David Kellogg-Achin, Ron Stein, Joe Parlanti, and Gordon Foss

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Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted.

United 39 Approval request

Gary Corbett, Ron Stein and Gordon Foss (hereinafter: the Committee) presented a plan for United 39 to be held September 16-18, 2022 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (south of Toronto).

Room rates are $245 US ($120 Canadian) and will include breakfast. The hotel has 147 recently renovated rooms total and 300 parking spots. It is used to holding car events so there is plenty of room for trailers etc. Jim and the Committee will work out an appropriate number of rooms to block for our event.

This event is the same weekend as the Toronto Film Festival and shares the weekend, and our concours, with British Car Day, the largest gathering of British cars in North America. The event regularly has 1000+ cars on display plus around 9000 spectators.

British Car day will handle the Popular vote judged by the attending public for the ENTIRE FIELD. TEAE popular vote categories will be added. Normal judging will be done by our judges on our cars.

There was a long conversation about the Autocross which the Committee hopes will be managed by Darrell Dimitroff. Details are still being worked out.

Additional information about the location including a conservative budget is included in the slide deck beginning at slide 3.

Passports have been required for US citizens traveling into Canada for some time. That will not change.

Work must be done to facilitate people bringing parts for sale into and out of Canada.

Jim reported that there is no penalty for skipping the 2020 planned NC event.

It was moved and seconded to approve the proposal by the Committee for United 39 to be held September 15-18, 2022 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as shown.

It was noted that without the United, the club is dangerously close to losing money each year and driving the balance into the red.

If the United is not planned to make a profit, then either membership dues must be increased or the printed newsletter should be eliminated. There was NO DECISION ON THIS TOPIC.

Membership Report

As of today membership stands at 513 (a slight adjustment from the slides)
Additional statistics are available in the slides posted here.

Website report:

Statistics for RootesReview, Facebook and Website visitation are available in the slides.

Kerch reported the need for a new email list for leadership and board members. This is due to new regulations of the hosting company which manages our mail. The addresses that go to an individual titled board members and regional reps (president@teae.. Etc) will continue to work. But the group emails that contain more than 10 addresses will cease working August 1 (or thereabouts). Leadership (which includes Board members) will get mail from and reply to mail to These emails will “reply all.” A similar list will be separate and added for the Board members. That has not been set up yet. Only members of the groups will be included in the distribution. It is not open to the public or other members.

Additional reports:

Joe Montcalvo reports that he is planning a survey about Holbay Alpines in the US. There is a similar survey taking place, and specifically for, UK cars. He will work with Kerch to produce a survey to be hosted at and which will be the basis for an article on the subject. Hagerty Driver’s Club magazine may be interested. More information on slide 23

Old Business

Paid advertising has unfortunately petered out.

SUNI update

Plans for the event continue. If masks become required for indoor use, TEAE will not be the enforcing body. That falls on the hotel.

TEAE members registrations are about 43% of attendees representing our share of the profits. As the hotel is fully booked there is no additional chance of loss.
There is an unbudgeted expense in the overwhelming number of requests for trailer parking. Space will be rented from a local shopping center.

Concours judging will follow the TEAE rules except that three judges will judge each car rather than dividing the activity along section guidelines.
Upcoming Membership meeting will be held during the SUNI event.

2021 Elections:

Treasurer Rob Harter has served four years in the position and so is not eligible to run again. Kerch nominated Barb Geschke for the position. She declined. President, VIcePresident and Secretary agreed to run again. (Kerch will be happy for somebody else to take the job!) The three year terms for Tom Calvert, Eric Gibeaut, and Tom Ehrhart will expire and need to be filled. All three agreed to run again.

Additional nominations will be solicitated during the general membership and through the September and October RootesReveiw. Ballots will be published in the November RootesReview.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:01pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Kerch McConlogue

2 thoughts on “Semi Annual Board Meeting: July 31, 2021”

  1. Updated info on the room rate from Gary Corbett
    The listed room rate is $149Cdn per night plus 19.22% taxes and fees. So, the total at checkout will be approx $179Cdn per night or $142US at a conversion rate of .80.

  2. In the July Minutes the nightly rate for the block of hotel rooms reserved for United 39 was not recorded correctly. The room rate is $149 CAD which is about $118 USD.

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