Rootes Review 2017

I think there is a serious issue with the Rootes Review we should start addressing. We received a monthly combined issue for July, August and September quite late. we have as yet seen October’s issue as now it is the 21st of the month. Now, having seen this happen before in the 40+ years Jan and I have been members of TE/AE, we know only too well what are the results when members do not receive their newsletter in a timely manner. We lose members big time! We put so much emphasis on our Uniteds where less than 25 percent participate leaving, the rest membership only attending a few local/regional if and when they happen. Now being a member of CAT as well, I cannot overlook the fact their membership is increasing monthly and ours stays the same or lessens. As a former Membership Chairperson I remember similar situations explaining why a member should stay with TE/AE when they looked forward to receiving their Newsletter each month. We, as Board Members as well as Officers should address this issue ASAP!

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